Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolutions 101

Well, here I am.  The biggest procrastinator ever.  I have been putting off making my new years resolutions as long as possible.  I am sure most of you are sick of reading everyone else's by now, but I figured it is about time I record mine.

It is interesting to me how much can change in one year.  It seems like just yesterday I wrote "My Goals for 2008" as the title to one of my journal entries.  I wish it were just yesterday so that it didn't seem quite so pathetic that I didn't accomplish most of them.    Oh well.  That's what a new year is for right?  So, here goes nothin'.

#1- Eat Healthier.  This does NOT mean I am going to give up my cookie dough.  Sorry.  But that is just out of the question.  However, I would like to add some vegetables to my diet.

#2- Be Organized. I am the worst organizer on the planet.  Well, maybe not on the planet (have you seen those shows on Compulsive Hoarders?!) but I really would like to be more organized.  I am awful at remembering birthdays, anniversaries (except my own... but even that is questionable at times) doctor's appointments, meetings, etc.  I am going to get a calender and actually WRITE ON IT.

#3- Enjoy the Tantrums. My little guy isn't really throwing tantrums yet, but he is getting close!  In church the other day a woman told use to "enjoy the tantrums".  She is now a grandma and says that she wished she would have taken the time to charish every second she had with her kids home.  It really made me think about how I needed to be more patient and loving and understanding.  I need make accidents, lessons.  I need to spend more time being silly with him, rather than trying to get everything done that I think needs to be done.

#4- Have dinner ready.  It has been established already that I am a procrastinator.  Unfortunately for my husband this means that dinner isn't always ready for him when he gets home.  There are many times when the day has gotten away with me and I see my husband helping me make dinner when he could be spending time with our little guy whoe he hasn't seen all day instead.

#5- Be more spiritual. This is a broad one and I keep it broad for you, detailed for me.  I hope to read from the scriptures more often and more diligently.  I also hope to make my prayers more meaningful.

#6- Use Coupons! My grandma signed us up for 3 months free for the newspaper.  I am SO excited because that means that I now get Sunday coupons.  I am going to be better at writing out a list of groceries and ORGANIZING my coupons so that I can hopefully save us some moolah.

#7- Exercise. Notice how I didn't say "exercise more often" or "exercise more regularly".  That would be because I don't exercise, so I would be lying to myself and you if I said the others.  I suppose I could make myself feel better by saying I have a 27 lb child I chase and lug around each day, but I'm afraid that just isn't enough.  After a recent cholesterol screening I found out that I have high cholesterol.  Not too much of a surprise seeing how I have heart disease on BOTH SIDES OF THE FAMILY.  But, being in my early 20's it's a little scary having high cholesterol already.  They told me to exercise.  So, I'm gonna.

Alright, you can wake up now as I am sure I have bored you to sleep with my hum drum same ol' same ol' resolutions. However, I have seen a cool thing going around about choosing a "word for the year".  You are to choose a word that describes what you want for this year.  I thought it would be fun to choose mine.  My word is JOY.  I want joy.


  1. Good resolutions! I need to enjoy the tantrums too!

  2. okay, so how much would you charge for making ME a button;-)!!??

  3. I love it! I never get sick of reading people's resolutions because it keeps me from feeling bad about myself. :)

  4. love them all, hilary. love your honesty. I'll work on enjoying the tantrums. !!!! ????

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