Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keepin' it real.

Just a side note, my husband says that this picture does not do the cake justice.  It is much more hideous than that in person. 

Today is my birthday.  Happy birthday to me!

It has been a wonderful day minus the fact that Little Guy decided to wake up two hours earlier then his normal wake up time, making me get out of bed at a time I didn't want to know existed.  

I suppose I could blame this next incident on the fact that I was running on lack of sleep... but in actuality it was probably because I just do things like this.  I decided to make a birthday cake after church and was pretty dang excited about the decision.  My husband took Little Guy outside to play, leaving me with the kitchen all to myself.  I searched my cookbooks and the internet until I found a chocolate cake recipe that 1) I had all of the ingredients for and 2) looked good enough to eat.

I found one, mixed up the ingredients, poured the batter into my round cake pans and added some chocolate chips just for fun.  While they were baking I noticed my apartment filling up with smoke.  I ran to the oven and opened it up only to find that my cakes were overflowing and burning down at the bottom.  I did what I could to clean the mess up and let the cakes continue to bake.  

Once I thought they were done, I removed them from the oven.  They were the ugliest cakes I have ever seen.  But, I wasn't going to give up that easily. Besides, I could still save the cakes.  Nothing a little shaving off the tops couldn't fix.  So, once they were cooled I flipped the pans upside down only to find that they weren't going to budge.  The cakes were comfortable and snug right were they were in the pans.  I got out my knife and started cutting it away from the edges.  Hoping to loosen it up enough to break free.

I tried one more time, plopping the pans upside down.  Still nothing.  I tried a new technique by banging the back of the pan as hard as I could when finally.. PLOP!  the cake fell loose.  Well, half of the cake did.  The other half was still stuck.  

Anyway, to make a long story not so long, my cake was an absolute disaster.  I had to scoop it out of the pan, pile it up on the cake server, and hope for the best.  It wasn't until I was making the frosting that I realized my problem.  I had been using the 1/3 cup rather then the 1/4 cup that I thought I was using throughout the whole recipe.  Boy did I have a good laugh over that one...

I post this picture in the spirit of trying to keep things real around here.  It is a reminder that life isn't perfect, and rarely ever goes as planned.  But, surprisingly...even though the cake is absolutely hideous... it was actually pretty GOOD.  I just had me a slice with some Bunny Tracks ice cream and was pleasantly surprised.


  1. Jon just walked by my computer and said, yummm, that looks good! I agree. Where's my piece? Happy Birthday, Hil!

  2. The big question is did it taste good? Sometimes looks aren't everything...but I totally feel your pain in your quest to make a great cake!! BUmmer!! Hopefully you had a great birthday!!

  3. oh my goodness. oh my goodness! i can't believe YOU made that cake. after seeing your magic with the perfect cupcakes, i can barely believe this turned out the way it did. am so sorry! what a bummer. i hate when baked goods don't turn out; all that work, all those ingredients!! i have these double chocolate cookies that i used to always make and now NEVER turn out; dan begs for them and i give them another shot and then they turn into little piles of goo! i've marked that recipe with a big RED X. never again!! you've inspired me to post about the mistakes in life; it makes for a good laugh. it's just like you to make the most out of a bad situation. way to be cheerful!

    and i love that you still made thefrosting for your cakey creation, not to mention the candles.

    happy happy birthday, hilary.

  4. oh...and Happy Birthday! Love you!

  5. I can't tell you how often this happens to me. Cakes never seem to come out of the pans for me. I am not a baker. At. All.

    That is when I make trifle out of it....

  6. Happy Birthday! P.s. your t-shirt on your family blog is so adorable and it was nice to see you in some photo's too! I did the same thing to my pumpkin pie the other day...first time ever it didn't turn out. I was so sick and who knows what happened but the thing was a mess. So here's to messy fun and I hope you have many more wonderful messy Birthdays!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIL!!!! That cake looks to die for. I am impressed you kept at it despite the mini-disasters along the way. Way to persevere in the name of chocolate cake. YUM. love you!

  8. i'm always so caught off guard when something turns into a non-saving disaster b/c most of the time you can totally shrug it off and make it work. then there the DOO-ZIES. so fun to read about your cake. i love that excited feeling when you're just in the mood to bake. so fun!

  9. Happy Birthday Hil! I hope that your day turns out better than your cake did! Haha:) I cannot even tell you how many times I have screwed up a made-from-scratch cake! I am actually going to be posting a fabulous recipe for cakes by who other than dear old Martha Stewart:) It works like a gem! I am glad your cake tasted good though, so not all was lost!


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