Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A shout out.

It's time for a shout out.  My sister-in-law's blog, Sherbet Blossom is up for the Your Favorite Mommy Blogger award!  I am shamelessly asking you to vote for her by going here.  She is up against some great blogs, such as Nie Nie Dialogues and  CJane... how cool is that?

Oh, and since you can vote for three... also vote for this hilarious girl.  She has made some pretty funny promises if she wins.  I love it, it kind of reminds me of old school student council elections... Napoleon Dynamite comes to mind.

I wish Idaho had more bloggers so we could do fun things like this.  Speaking of which... are there any other Idaho bloggers out there?


  1. You are so sweet, Hilary! Thank you! I second voting for Singing Cicada, though. She is a good friend of mine and oh-so funny!

  2. In my mind I still consider myself an Idaho blogger, even though I live in Colorado. Does that count? Good luck to Hannah!

  3. I am an Idaho Mom blogger myself! So cool for Hannah I am so voting for her. I just love her page and yours!


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