Thursday, June 18, 2009

guilty as charged

Remember the diet JC and I are on that was briefly mentioned here? Well, I think I need to clarify.

My version of the diet is drinking a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch, sneaking cookie dough here and there throughout the day (which is stored as neat little balls in the freezer), eating whatever for dinner and finishing the day with another ball of cookie dough.

Surprisingly, it has still (kind of) worked. But I feel like I shouldn't claim to be on a diet with all of the cookie dough I have consumed. I am happy to say that I ate the last of the cookie dough tonight and don't plan on making another batch... but I won't promise anything.

So, let me rephrase that last post by saying "before my husband went on his diet..."

By the way, is there a CDLA (Cookie Dough Lovers Anonymous)? If there is, don't tell me. At this point I know I have a problem, but I am not yet willing to fix it. I'll put it on hold for a while, but I refuse to ever let it go completely.


  1. If there is a CDLA I want to join...
    My name is Challis and I'm a cookie dough addict.

  2. That cookie dough looks mighty tempting...

  3. Oh my goodness- that cookie dough looks delish! Makes me want to go make some to eat and its not even 7am! I'm in trouble...

  4. Okay the idea of pre-made frozen cookie dough to snack on is sheer genius. Do you use pasteurized eggs or just live on the edge?

  5. Miranda- I live on the edge. A little salaminella never killed anyone... er... wait...

    P.S. I'm so naive can you really buy pasteurized eggs?

  6. You can but they are so crazy expensive that it's worth the risk of getting sick. I thought about it once when I was pregnant though.


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