Monday, November 16, 2009

20 weeks?

I am now exactly half-way through my pregnancy... I think. There seems to be some confusion with my due date. My doctor and estimated date of delivery tell me I am 22 weeks along this Wednesday.

However, when I had my ultrasound, they told me I was about a week and a half off which would put me at 20 weeks this past Sunday. I'm hoping when we have our other ultrasound this week that we will be able to tell which one is correct. :)

I am still feeling great, no more morning sickness or heartburn. I am having a hard time falling asleep (thanks to the active little one in my belly) as well as staying asleep (thanks to crazy weird dreams with Michael Jackson preaching about life after death...). I can finally feel the little guy's kicks from the outside and can't wait for my husband and Little Guy to feel a nudge at just the right time.

My mom comes into town tomorrow. I can't wait to spend the rest of the week with her. Little Guy is beside himself with excitement, knowing that he will be spoiled rotten during her stay here. The hubs is loving the stocked fridge complete with Diet Vanilla Pepsi. If there is a lack in posts this week, just know I am off having a great time with my best friend and will be back soon.


  1. you look darling. such a cute little petite belly!

    have a wonderful time with you mom!

  2. 20 weeks already?! no way. wowza, you are just so cute pregnant. have a fabulous time with your special guest. moms are the best. let me know if i can tend while you two go out to NEW MOON. xo.

  3. You look fantastic Hilary!!! I love the baby bump! Oh I miss being pregnant and feeling the baby move inside. Such an amazing feeling!

  4. Oh what a cute pregnant lady you are! I hope you're having a wonderful time with your mom.


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