Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month = New Thoughts

:: I bought a new bedspread at Target this weekend.  One that won't make us sweat our brains out once summer arrives, seeing how we have yet to get A/C in this sauna of an apartment.  (We keep telling ourselves that this place is only temporary... right.)  I am really loving Dwell Studio's new line up at Target.  Everything is so beautiful!

:: The hubs and I played Phase 10 last night and ate ice cream straight out of the carton.  I won the game (as with every other game we have played in the last 4 1/2 years of marriage) but JC controlled the spoon for the ice cream the whole game.  You tell me who won?

:: Seriously trying to decide if it is really worth forking out $175 to go to the Casual Blogger Conference.  Thinking it would probably be worth it if a) I was even qualified for the event and b) I hadn't already spent the money on a new bedspread.  The blogging world sure is all a-buzz about this fun conference.

:: My dear friend, Marta, is having a fun blogger workshop of her own... and it's free to boot!  Head on over each day this week for awesome tips and tricks on how to be a better blogger (coming from a pro).

:: I have added two classics to my Netflix instant queue for my viewing pleasure during Little Guy's nap time this week.  Charade and How to Steal a Million.  Both happen to include Audrey Hepburn and both are ones I have never seen before.  Yay for naptime.

:: Today has already been productive.  I have committed to getting my chores done before getting on the computer to check my favorite blogs each morning.  This has proven to be enough motivation to get the job done.  No more mouse potato for me!  At least not this morning...

:: Is it Spring yet?  I'm so glad February is done and over with.  It's such a weird month.  Winter seems to be like that ultra clingy boyfriend we have all had in the past.  No matter how many times February tells him she wants to break up, he keeps coming back.  And what's with only having 28 days?  It totally throws me off.

:: I'm so sad for those in Chile and praying that they will unite during this time of hardship and be blessed with comfort. What is it with all the earthquakes lately??  So glad the threatened tsunami never hit Hawaii.

:: Tallying up the earnings for my little fund raiser today.  Plan on making the donation this evening, sealed with a great big hug and kiss to those who are suffering from Ebstein's Anomaly.  Thank you to all who purchased the Micheal's Big Heart template and any of the other cute premade templates during the month of February.  You are the ones who made this legacy of Michael's possible.

Here's to March, a new month that will hopefully bring more sunshine our way!


  1. i love that bed spread. how cute are those colors?!! a new bathroom and bedspread, you must be in heaven.

    i adore charade. you will love love love it. it's a big family favorite. best wishes for productivity monday. go big!

  2. I LOVE that bedspread! Good pick.

  3. The bed spread is really adorable.

  4. I love the bed spread too! It's so pretty! Hope you are doing great...!

  5. I love the bedspread. I am trying to decide about the conference. It would be fun, but I'm so cheap.

  6. I am in love with that bedspread. And have you seen the pillows that match!? So cute. All of Dwell's design's this season are just adorable.

    I'm happy we were able to connect through our blogs. All of your posts are so sweet and appreciated.

  7. How to Steal a Million is one of my favorite movies!! You'll have to let me know you you like can't get much better than Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole (especially Peter O'Toole). I'll have to watch Charade now!


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