Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These are the times...

...when I wouldn't trade anything in the world for being a mom.


:: Little Guy fell asleep in my arms, mouth wide open because his nose was plugged.
:: My heart melted.  Literally.
:: I laid him down in my bed, rather than his so that I could take a nap with him.
:: I didn't sleep, instead I laid there watching him sleep and listening to him breathe.
:: We listened to the rain patter on the roof and the thunder clap outside the window.
:: He wanted to look out the window to spy the lightning.
:: We went to the McDonald's drive thru because he hadn't eaten all day and that was the only thing that sounded good to him.
:: I got a happy meal along with him so that he could have two toys.
:: He is such a trouper when he is sick.  He deserves two toys.
:: We shared a fruit smoothie to help soothe his throat.
:: We snuggled on the couch and watched Curious George the movie together.  It was a first for us both.
:: The music was our favorite part.
:: We are still battling Little Guy's 101 degree temperature, counting down the minutes for daddy to get home with some new medicine and some popsicles.
:: It's breaking my heart seeing my little man so miserable.  I hope this passes soon.


  1. oh goodness, what a sight! i'm sure his mama's arms is the best place for him to be right now. you are such a cute mom, getting two toys from mickey d's is the best idea ever. wishing little man lots of well wishes. hopefully he can rest easy tonight and you too. let me know if you need anything!!

  2. I'm sorry he's so sick! I am a fan of the sick cuddles you get from it though too. I hope that he gets feeling better soon.

  3. :( Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. Such a sweet picture of him asleep in your arms.

    My baby got her shots today and she was in a cuddly mood for a few hours today too. It was so sad not seeing her be her happy, energetic, squirmy self but I loved the extra cuddles.

  4. Poor little guy... My little one only cuddles when he is sick and I cherish every moment of that cuddly time. I hate when he gets sick but I sure love the rare snuggles!

  5. I hope your poor little guy is feeling better very soon.


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