Friday, August 26, 2011

Another reason I love where we live... and a treat.

One reason I love where we live is that this scene takes place right out our front window. Little Guy was fascinated with the combine (harvester? what's the difference?) and asked if he could ride his bike to the front sidewalk and watch it closer. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it is every little boy's dream to be able to see huge trucks and tractors hard at work in real life. Awesome. What wasn't awesome, of course, were the allergies we all got that resulted in an ear infection for Little Guy. Bummer.

As for the treat, allow me to share a snippet of conversation Little Guy and I had today. We were on our way to the eye doctor when we saw a man walking on the side of the road without a shirt on and Little Guy piped up:

LG: Hey, did you see that guy walking on the side of the road?
Me: Yes, I did, that's kind of crazy isn't it?
LG: What was he doing?
Me: I'm not sure.
LG: Oh. Well, he was probably looking for his shirt because he didn't have one on. He probably lost it.
Me: (laughing) Probably.

Happy friday!


  1. Cute boy. I think Lou would love to see a tractor out her window. :)
    PS - loved the microphone conversation

  2. Cute, cute boy! I have no idea of the difference. Combine? I'm not sure I've ever seen one in real life nor do I know what it does. City slicker? Maybe just a touch.

    Love your conversations. Ditto Sarah's microphone comment. I read that one aloud to Jason and we were laughing. So cute.

  3. Thanks you two! For those wondering about the microphone conversation it went like this:

    Me to Little Guy who was yelling: We don't yell.
    Little Guy: I wasn't yelling.
    Me: yes you were.
    Little Guy: No I wasn't. I was pretending to be a microphone.
    me: ...

  4. This is the sweetest picture. I agree, a boy's love of trucks and dirt runs deep, and you captured it perfectly!

    Love the conversation with Little Guy. I love how kids minds work ;)

  5. LG is so adorable. I love that type of conversations with our little ones. Camilla would have said: mami, that's disgusting! which is what she has been saying every time we see a guy in the pool without shirt.

  6. Cute conversation. Have a great weekend.

  7. The benefits of being a country kid =) And I am sure it is every little boys dream come true. Even I loved it when I was little. I was in heaven when I got to ride the tractor with my neighbor.

    Love the two conversations with Little Guy. Too cute.
    One of the girls I used to be an au pair for came home from school one day and said:
    "I have this really really really old teacher, I think he is going to die soon!"
    Me: "How old do you think he is?"
    J:"Maybe 20"
    Me: "Oh..."


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