Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Heart Healthy Running Mix

Here's a little tid bit for ya'll: February is National Heart Month! Fitting isn't it? Seeing how it is also the month that holds Valentine's day.

Both sides of my family (mom's mom and dad's dad) have had heart health issues and as a result I have always been somewhat paranoid about the health of my own heart. The desire to finally do something and be proactive with my heart health started when I lost my baby due to a very serious heart defect called Ebstein's Anomaly. During that time, amid all of the doctor's visits and echocardiograms, I learned more about the heart than I ever did in all my years of biology classes at school (no duh). It opened my eyes to what a miracle life is and made me never want to take my heart for granted again. It wasn't until last year that I really started to do something about it by signing up for my first 5k, knowing it would get me moving.

Since that 5k last May I have been running every other day and sometimes every day (minus a several week break I took this winter when I was just in a complete funk). It's hard for me, I won't lie. I'm a terrible runner. I have one leg that is slightly shorter than the other, which creates a very comical and somewhat uncomfortable looking run. It also is cause for a very sore back after each run. My heating pad is my best friend at night. Aside from the physical hurdles, my main problem deals with the fact that I'm not good with the mind game that comes along with running. It's hard for my brain to tell me, "You can do it!" when my body is screaming at me "You're going to kill over if you take one more step!".

One thing that helps me out is music. I realize every runner has their own opinion about this. I have a friend who runs to nothing but classical music, and another who runs to books on tape. My husband doesn't like to listen to anything but his feet on the pavement and the birds in the sky. It's all personal preference, but if you are like me and need that one song to keep you moving this mix is for you. There have been many times when I feel like giving up but then one of my favorite songs comes on and I tell myself that I can run until the end of that song. I've compiled a few of my favorites that I love to run to. They are all clean of any swear words (since that's just my style) so get your heart pumping and enjoy!

Heart Healthy Running Mix by H C on Grooveshark

Heart Healthy Running Mix
1. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
2. Bulletproof by Family Force 5
3. Dancing On My Own by Robyn
4. Too Close by Alex Clare
5. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson
6. Carried Away by Passion Pit
7. Tip Toes by Jayme Dee
8. Feel Again by One Republic
9. My Body by Young the Giant
10. Let it Roll by Flo Rida
11. 22 by Taylor Swift
12. Brokenhearted by Karmin
13. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars
14. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
15. Sail by AWOLNATION
16. Big and Chunky by will.i.am


  1. I have a bunch of Imagine Dragons on my playlist too. I didn't know you do races. We should do one together. Don't worry, I won't ask you to do a Marathon. :)

  2. Hil I can't believe I am writing this but you actually made me want to get on my treadmill and get moving. you're an inspiration! I'll have to listen to this playlist!

  3. If that doesn't get ya(me) to move your(my) feet i'm not. Sure what will! Ha I need to get into some sort of physical activity to get my toosh off the couch and get my heart healthy! I hate working out, but I do need to learn to at least tolerate it. If not for me, for my babies! Thanks Hil!

  4. Love this list. I'll have to put it in my rotation:) And, way to get moving! You will learn to love running, maybe...one day... :)


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