about hil

I am a wife and mother who loves baking and making people happy. My husband, after receiving his MBA, got a new job in a brand new state a few years ago. We up and moved our entire livelihood and are enjoying our new surroundings. I have two boys and a little girl who I am lucky enough to stay home with each day. They are my favorite little people! My oldest goes by Little Guy on this blog, my middle child goes by Tiny Man and my baby is Pumpkin (because she's a Halloween baby!).

At nights while the kiddos are snoozing, I design blogs, invitations and printable art.  My design shop, Simply Yours Designs, has been a wonderful creative outlet for me and is something that I love to do.

In November of 2009 I gave birth to our stillborn son, Michael. He had Ebstein's Anomaly, which is a rare condition of the heart and wasn't able to make it to full gestation. This experience has changed us forever. We have learned so much and have a renewed sense of gratitude for our many blessings in this life.

Finding joy in everyday life is my goal.
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