Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Office Returns

For those of you who don't know me very well probably don't know about my minor obsession with the T.V. show called "The Office". I am addicted. There aren't many shows that I can make that statement for. In fact, I think the only other shows that I have had a similar addiction to would probably have to be "Saved by the Bell", "Growing Pains", and "Full House" from a few years back. However, the difference is that with those shows I was only watching them because of my secret crush that I had on Zach Morris, Michael Seaver and Uncle Jesse.

"The Office" doesn't seem to have a dream-boat kind of guy in it, so there is another reason as to why I love the show. It is simply the fact that it is hilarious. I can't help but laugh out loud with each episode. (I must throw out a disclaimer at this point and say that not all of the episodes are clean. In fact I have been dissapointed a few times by the content of the show and even had to change it on occasion because I was so disgusted.) But, for the most part, it is good entertainment and makes me count down the days to Thursday nights!

The reason I am thinking about this is because we haven't had a new episode of "The Office" for months now (a special thanks to the writers strike for that one...), but if you will turn your t.v. on to NBC you will see the best commercial ever made. This commercial is special because it announces the return of "The Office". April 10. Mark your calenders. All I can say is... this better be well worth the wait!

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