Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring? Cleaning

It is finally spring, despite the fact that the weather has refused to prove so, which means it is spring cleaning time. This past week I have gone a little crazy with cleaning and organizing. Besides the usual weekly chores, I have added a few more things to my list. Some of the things I have tackled are:

  • de-junked my closet and dresser drawers (I love getting rid of clothes I don't wear anymore... it makes me feel justified in getting some new clothes!)

  • cleaned out the fridge and wiped it down good (I realize I should do this more often then every spring... and I do... but it just happened to be part of my spring cleaning this week)

  • cleaned out and organized my bathroom drawers (I never realized how much junk you can accumulate in these things!)

The things I have yet to tackle are the blinds, pantry, the oven, the stove top burners and kitchen drawers. Even though the weather is not cooperating this spring, I am hoping that I will have all of my spring cleaning done before it decides to warm up. This way I can enjoy the outdoors and not have to be cooped up cleaning inside while it is beautiful outside!

1 comment:

  1. Go you, Hilary!! I, too, am craving a little purging lately. I love getting rid of stuff and organizing my house.


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