Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm back... and embarrassed

When I started this blog, I was so dang excited to finally have a blog all to myself. I couldn't wait to post all of my ideas and crafts and hobbies and whatever else I wanted. Well, it turns out I don't have a whole lot of ideas, crafts, hobbies, or whatever else. Nevertheless, I am back and posting, but embarrassed that it has taken me so long to update! Please bare with me!

My latest thoughts have been on these insane gas prices! I know that everyone is talking about them (especially the news.. ugh) but I am really bugged! Not only have we felt the pinch from these prices on a weekly basis, but they are also preventing us from taking our Memorial Day vacation to visit my family. We figured it would end up costing us over $200 to drive (and that is in a Honda Accord which gets really good gas mileage!) just for a 3 day weekend. That is just plain insane. So, we are stuck here with the rainy crummy weather instead.

The good thing that has come from this whole gas price crisis is that I have gotten off my derrière and actually used other methods of transportation. Methods that require no gas whatsoever. Methods that have been around for ages. Methods that even help me get rid of my mom butt! Those methods are walking and riding my bike. I can't believe what this has done for me! Not only does it lift my spirits a bit to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but it also allows me time to think and not be distracted by the radio in my car or the jerk that just cut me off!

This made me laugh.

gas prices

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  1. I wish I lived close enough to a store to ride my bike instead of drive.

    I am so glad you updated! Your posts are always fun to read. It is hard to think of things to post about...


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