Monday, July 28, 2008


Despite the fact that we have been living in a sauna due to the heat and no A/C, I love summer.  Let's be honest, what is there not to love?  I guess if you had to find one fault with summer it would be that it just doesn't seem to last long enough.

This summer is the first summer that I helped plant a garden.  Sure, growing up my mom would ask us to help her... and I really wanted to.  However, most of the time I just pretended to help because I couldn't stand the thought of getting dirt in my nails, or having a spider crawl all over me, or cutting a worm in half with my shovel.  You have to understand that my mother has more than just a green thumb.  She can get everything and anything to grow.  Her garden (both vegetable and floral) has always been one worth envying.  I am sure she has always been a bit sad that she was blessed with a gardening challenged daughter who couldn't even grow a dandelion if she tried.

But, alas, I tried it out this year with the HUGE help of my grandma.  Last week we were finally able to reap the fruits (well vegetables) of our labors when we picked a bucket full of pea pods.  YUM YUM!  We also had a few raspberries (which was no thanks to me whatsoever... they were thanks to the tender care of my sweet grams over the years...).  I have never really been a big berry lover.  I guess I would rather spend the calories on Cold Stone ice cream (I know I am not comparing apples to apples here... but you get the picture).  Well, this summer must be a summer of trying new things because I am pretty sure I ate every single raspberry we picked, minus a half that I gave to my 10 month old to try.  I am in love!

The next day my grandma called and asked me if I would like to come pick raspberries at my aunt's house who happens to have a gajillion (?) raspberries.  I was all for it and sat patiently waiting for my little boy to wake up from his nap.  Two hours later (I think he knew there was somewhere I wanted to go and he did it just to spite me... nah, he's too sweet) he woke up and we headed over to my aunts house.  My grandma had already finished picking every raspberry there was to pick.  The sweet, stubborn lady insisted that I take at least enough to make a batch of raspberry jam.  Those of you who know my mom's side of the family know that stubbornness runs in the family, the main source being that dear, sweet 80 year old woman.  So, with much guilt I took the raspberries home and made my very first batch of homemade raspberry jam.

I have been back one other time since, and made yet another batch.  I realize it isn't considered to be true canning, seeing how it is freezer jam... but I still think it's safe to say that I am now domesticated.  I don't want this raspberry filled summer to ever end.

What's that you say?  You want a close up?  Feast your eyes on those big, red, delicious babies!


  1. Those look so great, Hilary!! Way to be domestic!

  2. Freezer jam toooootally counts as canning. Mmmm...I'm going to go make some right now.


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