Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Monstrous

It was that time again that I dread. The time when I am getting ready for the day and putting my make up on. As I am doing so, I reach in my make up bag for my mascara. I pull the wand out only to find that I am running out. I panic. I start into cold sweats. I begin dreading the fact that I am going to have to wander up and down the make up aisles for who knows how long. There are way too many options. Do you want volume or length? Brown or black? Waterproof or not ? Skinny or fat?

I dread thinking about getting the same old pink and green bottle that I always get. The only reason I get it is because it is always just right there at the check out stand. You don't have to go through the mess of trying to cypher through the hundreds of options. It is chosen for you, and although I love the pink and green...there comes a time when you just need a change.

After having a brief anxiety attack, I ventured off to Target to pick up some baby formula. I knew that baby formula wasn't the only thing on my list, so as I bit my lip and held back the urge to hyperventilate, I made my way over to the make up aisle. The first aisle I went down, I didn't find anything that really caught my eye. I decided to give up. I didn't need this. But as I came to the end of the aisle. There it was. It was big. It was orange. And IT WAS ON SALE! Two for $10! That's almost as good as the pink and green one. I was very excited and plopped it in my basket feeling as though I could conquer the world because of my great find.

When I got home I opened one of the tubes to try it out. As I brought the brush up to my eyelashes, I immediately flinched. The brush was HUGE! Seriously, it had to be 3 times bigger than the one I am used to. However, I proceeded to put it on. The result was fantastic! I had long, thick, voluptuous lashes! I am a big fan of the big orange tube with it's big monstrous brush that produces big voluptuous lashes. I am afraid to say that if I had paid the original price for one of these bad boys... I probably would have felt some guilt, but not a whole lot.

I had survived that time that I dread once again. The best part? I bought two of them, which means I will be able to prolong that awful, dreadful time.

This was NOT a paid advertisement. FYI.


  1. I love this mascara! It is awesome.

  2. I use that mascara too! I have converted both my sisters to it too. Glad you found it!

  3. voluptuous... 10 points for that word!

  4. Ok Seriously, you are hilarious!! I am going to have to try it, I like you have always stuck to the same pink and green kind! I must have been a family thing...

  5. I picked this up the other day because I remember you talking about it. Yeah, you're so right.


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