Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I have had several people ask me about digital scrapbooking; what it is, how I got into it, how I learned how, where I get my supplies, etc. I decided to write this post to answer some of those questions so that some of you who are interested can get started!

What is Digital Scrapbooking? In very non-technical terms, it is basically just scrapbooking using digital elements rather than paper elements. It is all done on your computer using a digital scrapbooking program (such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) and digital kits. A better explanation can be found here.

How did you get into it? I discovered the world of digital scrapbooking when I was searching the web to find out how to make a cuter blog (for my family blog). The site I came across recommended going to Shabby Princess because you can use any of those elements and papers for your blogs. I started to search that site a little more, and read their introduction to digital scrapbooking. From that point on I was determined to get into this fun hobby! It sounded so much easier and not to mention CLEANER and CHEAPER than using actual scrapbook supplies. It is so great to have it all organized in my little computer.

Where did you learn how to Digital Scrapbook? Since I am a cheap-o, I didn't want to have to pay to take any classes or anything like that. There are WAY too many resources online that you can learn from rather than having to go and pay someone to teach you. Some that I started out with included YouTube videos, such as this one; and websites such as this one. For 100 ideas for scrapbook pages go to Jessica's 100 in 10.

Where do you shop for Digital Scrapbooking supplies? Oh my, there are far too many. I so far have only purchased a few kits and mostly use free ones that you can find at IKEA Goddess and Shabby Princess. The shops that I love, though, are Little Dreamer Designs, Scrap Orchard, and The Shabby Shoppe. If you register with most Digital Scrapbooking websites, you are entitled to a bunch of freebies as well. Once you download the kit they are yours to use over and over and over again! It's really a great deal.



Oh, and just a side note... templates are a beginners best friend when it comes to digital scrapbooking. They have the page all layed out for you and you just have to fill in the rest with your cute pictures and fun elements! So be on the lookout for those... there are TONS of free ones on the sites that I listed above.

I hope that answers some of your questions. I am no pro and still a beginner, but if you have any other questions feel free to leave them on this post and I will see what I can do to answer them for you (or at least find the answers via the internet :).

Here is a page that I have recently done for your viewing pleasures.
Credits: Word Art by Bethany, Kit by Shabby Princess


  1. So did Elements arrive? Cute page!

  2. Here is an idea if you want to digital scrapbook, and you have a blog - Scrapbook your Blog. One of my friends has already started this. She is going back to her posts from last year, and making scrapbook pages with her pictures and text from her blog. I really like this idea, because for me, scrapbooking takes a lot of time, but I know that every time I do a blog post, I'm already organizing my pictures and thoughts for scrapbook pages that I can put together once I have the time. Also, if you are like me, and have trouble knowing where to start, this could solve that problem.:)


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