Monday, August 11, 2008

Giving in..

After a virus attacked my computer last week, I was left with a computer that was completely fine minus the fact that it took my free trial of Photoshop away from me. I still had a good 13 days left! I went into a bit of a panic seeing how earlier that day I had agreed to make the invitations for our enrichment night that is next month. This wasn't TOO big of a deal seeing how I didn't have Photoshop to make the last one I was asked to do... I did it in Microsoft Power Point. BUT it took twice as long and didn't look near as good as it would have if it had been done in the proper program.

My husband took this opportunity to tell me that I needed to just buy Photoshop Elements and stop relying on free trials. I use it enough that it would be worth it. The problem is, I absolutely HATE spending money and I hate it even more when it is on things for me. I can't help but think about how many diapers we could have bought or what great new shoes we could have gotten for my husband since he lost his only nice black pair! But, after much debate and discussion... he convinced me. Well, he wasn't really the only factor... played a roll as well. You see, the cheapest Photoshop Elements I have been able to find was at Costco for $80. That was until I logged on to good ol' Amazon and found it for $80 plus a $20 rebate plus FREE second-day shipping. That means I would only have to pay about $60 which was enough to convince me.

So, it is official. I am a Photoshop Elements owner. FINALLY!

*So, while I was searching for a picture on Amazon, I saw that it is now $72.49 plus the $20 rebate making it $52.49. I'm trying not to let a difference of $8 ruin my day... but seriously people... I JUST ordered it and right after I did, they cut the price. LAME.

UPDATE!!!! I received my Photoshop Elements today (wahoo!) but when I opened it I soon found that the rebate is an upgrade rebate only. WHAT??? This means that you have to have had another version of photoshop prior to buying elements 6 in order to get the rebate. I hate fine print. I am a little upset about the whole thing but thought I should tell you guys so you don't make the same mistake!!!


  1. Remind me to give you $8 when you get down here so that you can get some sleep!

  2. oh...and there is another thing I need to learn from you! I have no problem spending $$$ on myself. ;)

  3. Wahoo! That is so great!! All those blog designs you will sell will make it back for you, so don't worry!!!

  4. I should have held out for you - smart shopper. I recently bought it at Costco. So you can feel better knowing that an extra $20 is in your wallet. How did you learn to use it for scrapbooking elements etc? I'm just a beginner, but am loving it.

  5. Good for you, you deserve it! Also, I wanted to thank you for posting about your digi-scraping adventures in the first place. Now I'm hooked and I wouldn't have known anything about it if it wasn't for you so BIG THANKS!


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