Friday, August 8, 2008


The following story is not a preview to this summer's scariest flick... it is real life.

The other day while my little guy and I were on our daily walk (it was actually the day that STARTED our daily walks..) we happened upon a very scary incident. We had made our rounds through the neighborhood and were on our way back to our apartment when I saw a guy off in the distance. He was probably in his 20's, wearing baggy pants and a grungy looking t-shirt. I could see that he was talking and was very animated while doing so. I was still to far to see who he was talking to, but being the paranoid walker that I am... I crossed the street to avoid having to make contact with him.

As I got closer to this guy, I realized he wasn't talking to anyone. I thought for a second that maybe he was talking on his cell phone with one of those blue tooth ear pieces (which I HATE! because I always answer the person who is asking a question with one of those things in, only to find that they weren't talking to me..ugh). However, this guy did not have an ear piece in. He was talking to himself, and talking isn't the right word for it. He was yelling. I could tell he was very upset about something and he wasn't making any sense with what he was saying. I came to the only logical conclusion there was... he was on drugs.

I started to get one of those uneasy feelings that you get about certain people with this guy. So, I sped up my steps and made sure not to make eye contact even though he was on the other side of the street. Well, this guy started to follow us. I panicked. I thought maybe I was just imagining it, but when I turned left at the T-intersection... so did he. He was still very upset and I couldn't understand what he was saying. Luckily, I had my cell phone with me and was able to call Jerry. I had learned on Oprah (I know, I know... Oprah...) to always carry your cell phone with you. If you aren't able to get a hold of anyone, pretend like you are talking to someone because it will scare the predator off knowing that you have contact with someone.

I finally got home and as I did I locked the door and looked out the window. He had stopped outside of my apartment for a bit but then continued walking. I was an idiot for coming to my apartment because now he knows where I live... but I didn't have anywhere else to go and he was getting closer and closer!

Well, if the story ended there then that would be one thing. However, it does not. Last night my 10 month old, who is teething, woke up and needed some Tylenol at about 1:00 AM. I went out into our living room to find it and happened to hear someone talking furiously outside. I looked out into the darkness and as my eyes adjusted I realized it was HIM! He continued walking and went down the same street he had the first time I saw him. I am praying that he wasn't really following us that day and that he works near by and walks home or something.

There, now you don't have to go see the scariest flick of the summer. You just read a real life story that is potentially just as scary!


  1. That is REALLY scary!! I would keep one eye open at all times... and maybe J needs to get a beebee gun??haha

  2. Freaky!!! Seriously, be careful, I have had things like that happen to me before, you should always trust you gut instinct, if you think something isn't right about the situation- then your probably right...just don't ever be afraid to call for help! One thing you could do is get some mace spray and keep in on you...I have some! But then again I am probably the worlds most paranoid person ever! Thanks to my mother...who always listens to her scanner and gives me reports on the freaky things that happen right here in good ole' IF.


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