Thursday, September 18, 2008

Embarrassing Moment.

Last night our Relief Society had enrichment. I was really excited for it because we had some really fun things planned (I am currently serving as the enrichment leader in my ward). The theme was "Ready, Set, Go" and we had 4 "preparedness" workshops that the women could go to. We had a haircutting class, a humanitarian aid class, a mission prep class, and a cooking class. Our enrichment counselor had purchased some adorable checkered flags (like the ones they have at finish lines in racing) with matching napkins and table clothes. We then had orange traffic cones in the middle of each table with the flags coming out of them and we even had matching orange plates! It really turned out cute.

Anyway, on to the embarrassing moment. After dinner we had a short homemade ice cream demo and while the girl was up there giving her "shpeel" I went to get the ice cream so we could display it on the table. Well, I was carrying 3 large tupperware things full of homemade ice cream and made it all the way to the table when the top one slipped off and onto the floor. Does anyone know what happens to tupperware when it is frozen and then falls to the floor? Well, in case you didn't know, I found out for you tonight. It shatters, allowing the contents of the container to splatter all across the gym floor... in the middle of a presentation... in front of everybody.

There were a few old ladies that gasped and I even heard one say "Oh dear, how embarrassing for her!". Boy was she right! But the good thing was that my face didn't turn beet red... like I was expecting it to... and I didn't cry, like I was expecting to. We got it all cleaned up and now I will probably forever be known as "the girl that spilled all of that yummy ice cream that one time."

I did design our invites... and I think they turned out pretty cute! Take a look:


  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about that! I had an embarrising moment yesterday too, when one of my high school male students made some sexual remark about something, the whole class laughing, which caused me to laugh, then they were laughing because I was turning red, and continued on until I was laughing so hard I was crying! Good thing my supervisor wasn't there doing an observation.

    I just got called to the enrichment committee so I might be needing some ideas soon! The invitation is so dang cute, great work!

  2. Darling idea, Hilary!! I may have to use it for our spring enrichment...


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