Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm too young for this.

Growing up I was always trying to be older than I really was. I remember trying to convince my parents to allow me to get my ears pierced before the age of 8 (which was the age my parents would allow me to get them pierced) and I actually succeeded at this. I also remember trying to find a way around the whole "no dating until you are 16" rule by just "going out" with boys in 4th grade. When I was in elementary I longed for Jr. High, when I was in Jr. High I longed for High School, when I was in High School I couldn't wait for college. I was constantly trying to be older than I actually was. I even got married at a young age. I was 18 when I got engaged (a week before my 19th birthday) and 19 when I got married. I was a mother at 21.

It wasn't until this last week when I finally realized that I was too young for something. As I was getting ready for bed one night, I was looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth. I happened to cock my head at just the right angle to see a little shimmer in my hair. I thought it was odd, but just counted it as a piece of hair that had been kissed by the summer sun. However, as I looked closer it didn't look very golden... it looked more... silver. I plucked it out and examined it closely. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had to take the strand of hair out to my husband who was in our living room and ask him what color it was. He took one glance at it and said "That's gray."

I then told him I had just plucked that strand of hair out of my head. We just looked at each other, both in shock. I then started to panic a bit, remembering that my mom went completely gray in her 20's. I suddenly regretted not paying attention in Biology. Was premature gray hair hereditary? If so, I am in my 20's and that means I have little to no time to prepare for this whole ordeal! I realize it was just one strand, however, the only thing I have been able to think about this whole week is that I am too young for this!


  1. Excuse me! I'm not completely gray. Yet.

  2. Growing up, we had a young mother in our ward who had completely gray hair. She was about 35 and GORGEOUS. She started going gray in high school and decided to just let it happen without coloring it. Isn't that crazy? are too young to go gray! I am sure it was just a one time deal. :)

  3. Jon's going grey too!

  4. You are so stinkin' cute! I love coming to your blog and reading what you have to say! First off, we sure do have a lot in common, I have always been thinking I am older than I am to, we have had the same time line for most things in our lives, which for some people is hard to accept, but I look at it this way, we will have more time to enjoy our families than most!! And more time to enjoy just our Hubbies than most! ( I too have some Hidden Gray! Shhhh)-Also I can't believe you didn't go beet red! I sure as heck would have (I'm talkin' about your embarrassing moment post). That is so a Brooke move you pulled! Everyone I know has dubbed me the worlds biggest clutz!


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