Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quirky Me.

My cousin-in-law, Challis, tagged me to write 6 quirks that I have. Is it completely pathetic that I had to look quirk up to see what it meant? Sure, I had an idea of what it meant... but I wanted to be sure before I wrote 6 things only to find out that I was an idiot for thinking quirks were something else! The web dictionary didn't help because it told me that it was "a V-shaped nick". So, I went to wikipedia and was comforted to know that I was right. "A quirk is an odd habit". So, here goes my 6 odd habits!

1. I smell my hair when I am nervous/anxious. This stemmed from me smelling my blanket when I was a little girl... odd, I know. But hey, isn't that what a quirk is after all?! My dad was the first to point this out to me, and continued to make fun of me (with love of course) anytime I did it by pretending to reach back to non-existent hair on his head and pull it to his nose. Jerry will say "How's my little hair smeller?" when he catches me doing it. When I cut my hair last January to above my shoulders... I realized how much I needed my long hair back! Sad, I know.

2. I mispronounce ordinary, everyday words. I think this might be hereditary. My mom does the same thing, and has always gotten so much grief from all of us. In fact, one time we were reading scriptures and she happened to say "peepers" instead of "people. You can guaran-dang-tee that from that point on we said the word "peepers" whenever the word "people" showed up. Well, now I do it. Jerry gets a huge kick out of it, especially when I don't catch myself. In fact, just 30 seconds ago, he asked me what I was doing. I responded with this answer "I'm writing about my kirks" he then replied "your kirks?" and I corrected myself "I mean quirks". That is how I came up with quirk #2.

3. I hate and I mean H-A-T-E shopping for myself. Not only can't I stand the thought of spending the money, but I just hate the whole experience. Now, lets not confuse that with my love for getting new things... especially clothes. I just can't stand the process that you have to take to get those new things. My husband got upset with me the other day because I wouldn't buy a new pair of shoes and was wearing a pair that I have had since my sophomore year... in high school! What husband gets mad at his wife for NOT buying a pair of shoes? I guess I better not tell him that half of the shirts I own are from high school as well...and quite possibly a few from Jr. High.

4. I sleep with one foot out of the covers. I feel way too claustrophobic if I sleep with both feet under the covers... so I guess I feel like if one of them is able to get a breather then we are good! My husband noticed this our first week of marriage and I suppose I had never really paid that much attention to it. It was just an odd habit that I had formed over the years!

5. I bring a glass of water to bed with me every night. Sure, I bet you are thinking "Hil, a lot of people do that... that's no quirk." Well, I guess it isn't the actual act of bringing the cup to bed that is a quirk, but the fact that I never take the cup back into the kitchen. I accumulate 3 or 4 cups before I decide to clear off my nightstand. I have had to sort of revamp my quirk lately though, because my almost-one-year-old goes into my room and tries to drink out of these cups resulting in a soaked toddler. So, instead of leaving my cups on the nightstand, I leave them on my dresser.

6. I don't dry dishes. When I do my dishes, I take pride in how well I wash them. I use probably a little bit too much soap then actually needed and scrub the heck out of them. However, when I am done with the washing instead of drying them or putting them on a drying rack like any normal person would do... I leave them on my stove top. Sure, that's not that odd... but the fact that I never put them up is. My sweet husband has taken it upon himself to be the "dish putter upper". It's not because I am lazy though... it's just an odd habit. :)

So, there you go. Now that I have told you at least 6 of my hundreds of quirks, don't you feel like you know me better already? It's either that, or you feel like you never want to read my blog again. Either way, I'm glad we had this little chat! I don't really know who to tag, so if you wanna do it... I would love to read about your quirks!

This picture is a prime example of how quirky I am. My husband took this picture without my knowledge this morning (well at least until I heard the flash go off..) while I was blogging. I am wearing a dress with my adidas sweat pants (because I was cold) and I am eating cereal out of an ice cream bowl with a mixing spoon because we forgot to run the dishwasher. AND my make-up bag is right there in front of the computer so I can do my make-up while I catch up on other blogs. I'm so not cool.

P.S. Don't mind my messy computer space. We live in an apartment and have more things then we have space for. So, inevitably the stuff that doesn't have a place ends up on my computer desk!


  1. Loved reading this Hilary! You are so cute and make me laugh. I love that picture of you too! Ha!

  2. Hilary- You are so darn cute!!! I always find myself laughing to tears when I read your blog. I wish I had time to make a blog like this, but I barely find time to put a few pics of the kids on then I'm off to calm the raging storm behind me! You are such a cute girl! I have to tell you a funny quirk about me that is kinda like your foot quirk...I only like to sleep with the sheet and light blanket we have on the bed, I hate the comforter, but Jarom likes it. I fold my half over on him, but if he is too hot then we kick it down to the foot of the bed the only problem is...I can't stand it when my feet are partially covered by the comforter, even if it is just touching a inch of my toes or the side of my foot, I freak out, I feel like my feet can't breath! It totally drives Jarom crazy, but what can I say...they gotta breath! Also, my mom totally inherited the word dyslexia too...luckily I don't think I'm too bad yet. She is so cute whenever she says Ammon (the city) she says Ammond...gotta love those McNally ladies!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that eats cereal out of weird dishes when all the bowls are dirty! I've eaten cereal out of a liquid measuring cup, a mug, and a cheese grater holder (it's an oval shaped plastic bowl that the cheese falls into when you grate it).

  4. I am still laughing my head off. Eating your cereal with a mixing spoon--we really are getting to know you better. I have a couple of quirks like yours. Obviously not #1 but definitely #3. Plus I use the stove for a drying rack too. It's perfect, isn't it.


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