Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I forgot to post about the fact that I REDEEMED myself by a small amount. Although I ruined my husband's birthday, I didn't COMPLETELY ruin it. Which, should count for something! Late that night, I pulled the pie I had made out of the fridge. I was a little hesitant because it didn't look pretty and I couldn't imagine it would taste much better than it looked. Nevertheless, I put some candles in it and called my husband into the kitchen. He wasn't very amused. In fact, this could probably be chalked down as another step to ruining your spouse's birthday: "Sing to them and make them blow out candles when they really think it is silly since it is just the two of you". Anyway, after putting him through that I cut him a big ol' piece of pie and sent him on his way to go eat it. The next thing I hear is a noise that sounded like the word "whoa" come from his mouth. I panic. Did I accidentally use something I wasn't supposed to in the recipe? Did I put too much salt (as I have done before in some cookies..)? Was he not able to swallow due to his gag reflexes?

Then, I hear him say, "Hil, this is probably the BEST chocolate cream pie I have ever had." I freeze. My mouth drops open. My ears are having a hard time believing what they have just heard, and my brain is trying to grasp the idea that has just been presented. Once I am over the shock, I start thinking that he is just saying that to make me feel better about ruining his day. I have to find out for myself. So, I took a bite and.... it was the best chocolate cream pie I had ever had! SUCCESS! I might just be getting used to this whole pie making thing. Even if I did forget to press the edges of my pie dough so it ended up sliding down...

Then, the following day I finally made him his roasted veggies. The cool part? My mother-in-law sent us home with some of her purple potatoes. Look how pretty they make this dish look! So much better than plain ol' white. And they were scrumptious to boot!

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