Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm so vain.

To really understand the following blog post you have to know that I have always been a "weakling" (as my brother would so lovingly put it). I have never once been known as "the strong one". I was constantly asking my friends to open my Frutopia bottles in Jr. High, my 8 year old cousin had to help me haul my pipe while working on my aunt and uncles farm when I was 16, and to this day I have a hard time opening jars. I even remember one time when my brother was pretending to be me while getting a box of cereal off of the top shelf in our pantry. He reached up to grab it and right as he got it in his hands he exaggeratively fell to the floor and dropped the box of cereal saying it was "too heavy" in a girly voice.

You also must know that I was recently blessed with a chunk of a baby. He is now a one-year-old and is pushing 30 lbs. Luckily, he is walking now and I don't have to carry him as much. However, this just happened recently, so it is safe to say that I have been carrying around at least 10 lbs or more all day everyday for the last year. Ok, now you are prepared to understand the following story:

Last night while I was brushing my teeth, I was hunched over and had my elbow resting on the counter top. I happened to look in the mirror while I was brushing and noticed how incredibly tired I looked. I didn't want to look at the huge bags that had developed under my eyes any longer and shifted my eyes over to my bicep. I instantly stopped the automatic brushing motion and just stared. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My arm had a muscle... and you could see it!

I immediately ran out to where my husband was doing his homework. I flexed my bad boy like I was the main attraction at the gun show. I said, "Check this out!". He looked at my arm, then he looked at me, then at my arm again. A very small grin escaped from the corners of his mouth and he said, "Wow babe, that's pretty cool... look at this!" He then proceeded to flex his ginormous (don't be jealous girls...) muscles and then laughed. I glared at him (lovingly of course) and walked away. As I walked away I told him "Yeah, but I've never had muscles before!!!". As I went back into the bathroom I could hear him laughing his head off. Oh well, at least I was impressed. I'm so vain.


  1. I remember when you couldn't even push a golf tee into the ground!

  2. Yeah, that was pretty sad...

  3. You should definitely be proud of that bulging bicep! You have earned it!! Luckily those biceps get bigger the more children you have, because no matter how old they get they love to pretend they are asleep in the car so that you have to carry them in the house in to bed which happens to be on the second floor!! (Ok, so I'm talking about Bailey and Addi...but man, they are big, awkward and heavy!)


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