Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sick of it.

I am not a political person.  In fact, I hate politics.  Not because I don't understand them (which I don't) but because they are just dirty.  Sure, I was in Student Council for 5 years out of my life, but that is totally different.  For my speeches I used Dumb and Dumber and Tommy Boy clips...I'm pretty sure if one of the candidates did that during their debates it wouldn't go over very well.  However, it would be way more entertaining.  After only being able to watch 15 minutes of the debates last night because I couldn't stand listening to what either one of them had to say... I decided to write them a letter.  I promise that I will never post about politics again on this blog because I know we are all tired of hearing about it and the last thing you need is to find it on MY blog!

Dear Mr. Presidential Candidate,

We are writing you this letter to let you know that we are sick of it.  We are sick of hearing how horrible your opponent is.  We are sick of hearing who his old chums are.  We are sick of you wasting every ounce of energy on making the other guy look bad.

We are in a very scary and rough time, and although I hear you say that, I don't feel like you really care that much about it right now.  It is frightening to see our economy crumbling and the only thing you seem to be focusing on is politics.  Why do you feel the need to bring about the old ways of politics?  Why can't we have a new way of debating, a less demeaning way and a more informative way?

We don't care about what you say the other guy voted for in the past, we care about what you believe today in the present.  We want to feel like you are giving us enough information for us to make an educated decision as to why we should vote for you, not why we shouldn't vote for the other guy.  To be honest, right now we are not wanting to vote for you OR your opponent.  We secretly wish that someone else would come out of the woodwork and be the perfect candidate.  By perfect candidate I mean someone who is less involved with politics and more involved with our country and it's needs.  We're not sure why you think those two things are the same, because they are not.  Please stop with this immature debate of demoralizing your opponent.  We are sick of it.


Fed Up Citizens

P.S. We are REALLY sick of hearing what your wife/VP candidate is wearing.


  1. I totally agree, Hilary! I actually love politics, but I am so scared to have either of these presidential candidates running our country. They both seem to be corrupt liars. I had a friend who was complaining about the debate airing when the Biggest Loser was supposed to be on. She said, "Then I realized that i WAS watching the biggest loser."

  2. ditto-- love politics. I guess I am not yet sick of this campaign because I don't have a T.V. which allows me to be selective of what newspaper articles i read and what CNN and Fox news clips I watch and I'm not inundated with the whole mess. And, I still haven't watched last night's debate...I may be puking at the end like you are. I think their first one was hilarious when the moderator had this look on his face like he wanted to shake them and say, " DO YOU NOT RECOGNIZE THAT WE ARE IN A FINANCIAL CRISIS?! PLEASE RESPOND TO THAT ISSUE, OR DROP OUT OF THE RACE!"

  3. So true. I hate turning on the TV because it is a guarantee that I'll have to listen to one of their depressing and demoralizing ads against each other. Honestly, I am not very incentivised to vote when I feel guilty supporting either candidate. You know we're approaching the last days when these are the candidates we get to choose from to run our country.

  4. Amen Sister!!! It doesn't help that I have a Political Junkie for a husband, man I can't wait til this is all over!

  5. I have had so many discussions with Mike during the past couple of years, in which I have practically said your letter word for word. We both totally agree, and I wonder why, when I think most people feel this way, the politicians haven't quite caught on. But, hopefully even if our politicians aren't doing a great job of uniting our country, we will.


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