Saturday, December 13, 2008

Procrastination? Let me help!

I don't know about you, but I am all about procrastination.  I seem to be more motivated to do things the night before they need to be done rather than planning ahead of time.  I think this is the first year that I have all of my Christmas shopping done ... and there are still 12 days before Christmas!  So, since I have nothing else to do between now and Christmas (wink) I am going to give you some ideas so that you can get your shopping done like me!

First off, I must say that online shopping is heaven sent.  I did all of my shopping online... mostly because I signed up for their free 2nd day shipping with Prime.  All you have to do is remember to cancel in a month so you don't get charged a fee!  There is also ETSY which is a site where people can sell their handmade/homemade items.  They have everything from jewelry to home decor.  I always end up spending WAY too much time looking at all of the things they have to offer.

Ok, now that you know where to go here are some of my suggestiosn:

For the girl in your life:

dscn1119If you have your sister for Christmas this year (or if you need some stocking stuffers for your wife) this gift is perfect!  I found THIS adorable gift set from Simple Sassy Daisy.  It comes with a set of cute modish earrings as well as (my favorite) a darling REVERSIBLE headband with a matching wallet!  Love it.  I doubt you will go wrong with a gift set like this.  There are 6 different ones to choose from.  These babies are just $28!

For the toddler in your life:

dscn11191We found these awesome little Crayons for our little 14 month old.  He is just starting to get the hang of coloring (he gets so excited whenever he sees a pen) and we thought these would be so great for his little hands.  Not only that but a lot more safe!  Our little man takes pens and walks all around the house with it.  I just know one of these days he is going to fall with that pen in his hand!  The greatest part?  They are only about $8 and are refillable.

For the boy in your life:

sd-ua-956c-lgNo, it's not a real gun.  It is an airsoft gun.  What is an airsoft gun you ask?  Well, just think of it as a paintball gun.  They have places set up to where you can go "play" just as you would with paintballing.  However, instead of paintballs, this gun uses spherical non-metallic pellets called BB's.

I am an anti-gun person.  But, I figure this is a better alternative to having the boy in your life sit on his hiney playing "Call of Duty" or something like that for 6 hours straight.  This will at least allow him to get some exercise!  This one is only $17 and would work as a gift for your brother (with approval from mom of course).  Go here to see some great airsoft gun reviews.

For the man in your life:

51ffthzbncl_aa280_Growing up I always got my dad a tie for Christmas.  He is a lawyer (and now a bishop) so he can always use a new tie.  The best place I have found to get ties is TJ Maxx.  They not only have some great ties, but they have great prices!  You can get two ties there for what you would pay for one at a department store.  Some might think this is a lame gift... however, if the man in your life is like my dad and wears ties a lot it is the perfect gift!  Who would want to wear the same old tie over and over again?

For the Woman in your life:

I am not a big jewelry person.  In fact,  I think that I could count the number of jewelry items I own on one and a half hands.  However, I have always wanted a strand of pearls.  My friend is starting out in the handmade jewelry business and has offered to make me a pearl necklace.  I am so excited!  A strand of pearls is a great gift, whether it is for your mother, mother-in-law, wife, sister, aunt, etc.  Every woman (whether she is a jewelry wearer or not) should have a strand of pearls.

Well there ya have it.  Now you know my suggestions, lets hear yours!


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