Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here's the deal.  I have mixed feelings this morning as I watch the inauguration of President Elect Obama.  After reading this article that states the cost of his inauguration, I can't help but question things.  His inauguration costs total around $170 million dollars.  Ironic seeing how there was a lot of criticism over President Bush's total cost being around $40 million for his inauguration.

However, another part of me is very excited and proud to be an American today.  If I don't think of the "celebrity" man behind this whole thing and focus on the actual history being made, I can't help but feel the excitement that the rest of America is feeling today.  Yesterday, which was Martin Luther King Jr. day, I watched little clips of Dr. King's famous "I have a dream" speech.  I realized how far our country has finally come since that day and felt an overwhelming sense of excitement.

As I watch the inauguration on my T.V. I can not believe the number of people that are in Washington D.C. for this event.  It definitely illustrates the term "sea of people" as they pan over the crowd.  Then I look at my 15 month old who is dancing and glued to the screen because they have trumpets playing.  I think about how fun it will be to tell him when he is older that he watched the inauguration of the first black president.  He won't remember, but that is what will make it even more fun to tell him about it.g-cvr-090120-hugecrowdgrid-12x3


  1. um...that was a novel. ;) Sorry!

  2. The more I learn about Obama, the more I like him. I think myself lucky to not belong to either political party...I think it helps me have more of an open mind towards the individual rather than to the party he is apart of. I was very hesitant to embrace him at first...the hollywoodism was a major turn off. But...I think he is a good person. If all he does is bring some faith in government to the American people, I would say his 4 years is a success. :)

    The number of people in DC was incredible, wasn't it?? Seeing that made me tear up this morning. I am so thrilled to see people excited in politics again! I love it...

  3. I have heard lots of comments on the cost of the whole ordeal and people worrying about it because of our economy state, but we have to remember that the federal government DOES NOT pay for it. The party that voted in the pres. in this case the democratic party has to pay for it!! Although, It would be nice if they could just donate that money to other important causes! They probably don't need ALL those balls they had last night!!!


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