Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspired to be a Domestic Diva

Last night for our Relief Society's Enrichment we had a wonderful demonstration featuring Pantry Secrets.  This recipe is absolutely amazing people!  You can make 4 loaves of bread in UNDER ONE HOUR!!!

The sister who was doing the demonstration had on an apron that said "Domestic Diva".  She made so much stuff in just 2 hours!!  She made 4 loaves of bread, a stuffed crust pizza, breadsticks on a stick (like The Pizza Factory does it), a cream cheese dessert braid, a taco braid, crescent rolls, dinner rolls, kaiser rolls, french bread... and the list goes on and on!  She made all of this from the same one bread recipe that only has 6 ingredients.  She definitely inspired me to become a domestic diva.  I am going to attempt the recipe today and make a loaf of bread and some monkey rolls.  I will then freeze the rest of the dough because it DOES FREEZE!

The secret behind this recipe is that they use this stuff called Lecithin instead of oil.  Lecithin is actually really healthy for you and can only be found in health food stores.  Our ward thankfully provided a way for us to get the stuff through Pantry Secrets so I have a big ol' bottle of it just waiting for me to open!  Anyway, I am totally stoked and can't wait to get started!  I will keep ya'll updated as to how it turns out.

For more information on Pantry Secrets visit their blog here.  For more information about Relief Society visit here.


  1. I just started making bread using this recipe! I actually use freshly ground whole wheat instead of white just because of the nutrional value (and i got a wheat grinder for Christmas). Just make sure ( I am sure she told you this) but NEVER measure your lecithin in a measuring is stickier than honey. I have made it a couple of times and just about every time it comes out perfect. IF your bread comes out too dense it makes great french toast the next morning! AND the dough can make great sweetrolls too! Good luck with making it, you will love it!!! Let me know if you have any questions because I would love to help!

  2. i love the info. i will have to search for it here.

    i am also ashamed to say i have not yet mailed your check. slap my hand please! it has been all addressed, stamped, and return addressed for 2 whole days, but i can't put it in my mailbox in front of my house b/c too many people on our block have had mail theft where the bad guys wash the checks and rewrite them for horrific amounts of money i surely don't have in my checking out. it is going to the post office asap, please forgive me!!!


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