Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A letter.


Dear Parent who brought your sickly child to nursery,

Why would you do such a thing?  Couldn't you see the big sign on the door that tells you not to bring your child into nursery if he/she has a 1)runny nose 2)fever 3)cough etc?  Instead, you decided to ignore it and bring your runny nosed child to nursery anyway.  I did all that I could to keep my little guy away from yours, but seemed to have failed when I turned around and saw your little guy standing 2 inches away from mine.  Before I could do anything about it, your little guy coughed into my little guy's face.  We aren't talking about some dry little cough.  We are talking about a huge, disgusting, hacking cough that spread thousands of tiny germs right on to my little guys face.

It is currently 7:00 AM and I have officially been awake for 2 hours now.  As if being up since 5:00 AM wasn't bad enough, I didn't get to sleep until 12:30.  Why you ask?  Because my child is sick.  He has a runny nose, a horrible cough, and cannot sleep.

All I can think about is how you must have been up for several nights with your little one because he could not sleep.  Then I can't help but think about why on earth you would ever want another mother to go through the same thing.  So, next time would you do me a favor?  Don't bring your sick child to nursery!

Thank you,

An exhausted mother.


  1. Wow. What were the nursery leaders thinking? I always take the runny nosed kid right back to their parents...

    Sorry that you didn't get much sleep and hope you little one feels better soon!

  2. i do singing time in nursery and we have a cute little note on the door that says mary had a little cough and ended up spreading the flu and everywhere that mary went the other children got it too, or something like that, so please keep your children home if they are sick, etc. in nov and dec i think i only got to go to church twice b/c either i was sick or brennan was sick. oh well! the funniest part of all of this is that you and i are totally on the same page in a sense today b/c i was JUST posting a picture from babycenter like yours for my post today. great minds think alike;-) sorry you're not getting sleep! that makes the days so hard. my mom is SOOOO excited about her page from you!!!

  3. don't you HATE that???? i get so tired of my kids getting sick from retards that bring their kids sick to church. in fact, we just got over coughs, colds, fevers, and a pukey flu within the past month and isaac started with a nasty runny (colored) nose again! ugh! nursery... he hasn't played with or been with anyone else! and another kid from our ward came down with the same thing yesterday. nursery. ugh! i think people are afraid of missing church too much. last winter, we missed 5 weeks in a row because of one illness or another, including pink eye twice with both boys, 3 week long coughs, and colds. it is so frustrating! and at that time, my husband was the elders quorum president, and i was the secretary in relief society. we just switched off who stayed home! i'm so sorry you've been up all night with your little caleb! hope he feels better!

  4. You have to "invest" in this bubble bath that is a life saver. It is made by Johnson and Johnson and it is for colds. I LOVE IT! Anytime my kids start getting sick I put them in this thing and it works magic!!

    Sorry for the cold spreading too...welcome to nursery. I have come up with the theory that if you child gets sick by Tuesday it was from nursery. Blah, no fun!

  5. Hil I am so sorry... Don't you hate that.... It doesn't get any better once school starts it's constant.... I have had my kids go to school with kids who are in an out of the hospital and the parents still don't get it... keep them home so they get better quicker and everyone else doesn't pass it on! Yikes I hope your little man gets better son hun!

  6. Oh no! That is so frustrating! I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon.

  7. I know how you feel! Last Sunday son #2 caught a bug from Nursery. This whole week has been filled with ups and downs, fevers, vomitting and coughs etc. He even passed it on to his little brother. So, here I am, Sunday morning....waiting for my husband to come home from his early morning church meetings so that I can go to church with my daughter. The boys are staying home with him. They really need to remind parents to keep them away when they are sick. That said, kids will ALWAYS have a runny nose.


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