Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wish me luck.

Today I have a doctor's appointment set up for a full physical.  Wish me luck.  We have to have physicals each year for our insurance.  This will be my first physical in A LONG TIME so I'm not really sure what to expect.  All I know is I hope they don't test my brain because it seems to be performing a little less than par lately.

Example.  The other day I was trying to get my whole custom domain thing figured out because my site had been down longer than I had hoped.  I was talking to my brother (who just so happens to be my right hand man when it comes to anything computer oriented...the poor guy) and I asked him what I should do about the situation.  The following is a conversation we had on google chat that I have copied and pasted:

Jon: might be time to hop on the phone with godaddy or something

Hilary: ok

Hilary: i'm a little worried

Jon: well

Jon: yeah

Jon: i'm sure that they have dealt with this issue before

Jon: you could give them a quick call

Jon: tell them what you are doing

Jon: and just ask them if the settings look right and everything

Hilary: yeah

Hilary: the only thing is

Hilary: it isn't toll free

Hilary: the customer service number is a 435 number

Jon: huh?

Jon: it isn't toll free?

Jon: so what

Jon: just use your cell phone

Hilary: oh

Hilary: hahaha

Jon: give me a break

Hilary: holy crap....

Jon: haha

Hilary: i'm stuck back in the 80's

I honestly thought that the number not being a 1-800 number was an issue.  We don't have a lan line (I have just been informed by my husband that it is a landline, not LAN...once again proving my point) and haven't for three years.  That should tell you how pathetic my brain works most of the time.  And to think of all the times I could have called in to vote on American Idol... haha.

By the way, after you sign up for my giveaway, head on over to Sherbet Blossom for her pie kit giveaway.  But, don't enter because I want to win.  Or, if you do enter and win... feel free to give me an early birthday present.  I would love to have this for my pie loving husband. :)


  1. I know you are probably already back, but I hope the testing went well and that you are feeling better!!

  2. oh...and thanks for the plug! ;)

  3. oh hilary, you crack me up. We all say and do stuff like that all the time. You're just the only girl I know woman enough to fess up to them!!!!! thanks for the laugh.


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