Friday, February 20, 2009

Affinity not Addiction.


I have an affinity for Diet Vanilla Pepsi. I refuse to call it an addiction. Call it denial, call it what you like. I don't necessarily HAVE to have one every day, but I do enjoy having one every afternoon.

I know that the trendy thing to do is love Diet Coke. However, I never have been a trendy person and figure why change my ways now? Besides, Diet Vanilla Pepsi has just the right amount of vanilla flavor in it... and it doesn't burn as it goes down, unlike it's competitor Vanilla Coke Zero.

I haven't always been this way. In fact, before this affinity started I had gone 3 whole years without drinking a soda. I would have sips here and there... but never an entire soda. I eventually got to the point to where drinking anything carbonated or caffeinated would make me sick. How I got from that to where I am today, I have no idea.

The bad thing is, I know that caffeine is not good for you. What's worse is I know that aspartame is pretty much a silent killer. So, why do I continue on in this state of absolute bliss with my Diet Vanilla Pepsi? Do I sound like too much of an addict if I say it's because I enjoy it too much to give it up just yet?

What's worse is my husband continues to stock our fridge with the sweet nectar. He himself is, I mean, has an affinity towards it as well. This just makes it even more hard to give up since it is so readily available!

I hope that one day my ways will change and I will go back to that carbonated/caffeine free life that I once had. But for now, I'm counting down the hours until my next Pepsi.


  1. haha. You are too cute and funny.

    Thanks for letting me try it the other day. Sadly...I can still say that I have yet to find a cola that I enjoy. I took a sip...tasted the cola and then the fake sweetener aftertaste and made Jason drink the rest. I am even less trendy then you! I'll stick to water.

  2. Although, Hilary...the vanilla flavor makes it about 20x's better than any other cola.

  3. Oh dear! I think I am to blame for this. So much for your mother being a good example. I'll I know is Grams is 83 and drinks one everyday! I can't remember a time that she didn't and she is still going strong! :)

  4. i drank so much diet coke when i first moved to rexburg...horkley's 5 times in one day, not proud of it, i'm just saying, i did it. nonetheless, i had a dream about how diet coke was made and couldn't stomach it after i switched to your drink of choice. it was fabulous. thank you pepsi products.

  5. It is a good thing you only have one a day! I'm trying to reduce my 3 cans a day habit. I'm probably at 2 cans a day. We don't get the fancy vanilla diet pepsi up here. We have to add our own vanilla syrup. It is sweet nectar.

  6. So, you have an "affinity". Ok, I'll buy that. Hopefully there's a support group out there for you, Affinity-Havers Anonamous, or whatever. Call it whatever you want, Hil, but take it from one who has her own daily diet Pepsi requirements, we both KNOW what it really is!!!

  7. well, at least you're past the denial stage, right? you quit once, you can do it again (better before the next life though). I had no idea you were harboring this secret for so long! Bless your heart. Hope you feel better now. :)

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