Thursday, March 5, 2009

A quest... for the perfect jean.

my-jeansI am on a quest to find the perfect pair of jeans.   My husband got me this pair, which happen to be the cutest pair I have seen in years (gotta love the pockets), for Christmas, but I ended up returning them because they were too low rise for my liking.   It was a bummer (literally) because it was the first time I can remember trying on a pair of jeans that cost more than $45.

I currently have 1 pair (from AE) that fit me and that don't have holes in them from wear and tear.  I decided that since my husband currently has about 5 pair that he rotates through it is about time I get another pair!

I am calling out for help on my quest to see what suggestions you have for me.  Let me tell you what I am looking for:

1. A dark wash.  The ones I currently have are a lighter jean so it would be great if I could have one of each.

2. No signs of distress/holes.  I'm not a fan of paying money for a pair of jeans that I have to give away 2 months later because there is now a hole from my knee up to my thigh!

3. I love a good pair of jeans with cute pockets!

4. Not too low rise.  They just aren't comfortable for me.  Besides that, I don't want to contribute to the epidemic this country seems to be going through with showing off their underwear...and sometimes more.

5. Bootcut or semi-flared.  No skinny legs for this girl, I never have been able to pull off trends.

So, after hearing all that... what's your favorite jean?


  1. I haven't explored the many options out there for jeans. Maybe once I'm finished shedding the baby weight. Until then , really enjoy my GAP jeans. They have a "curvy long and lean". I love how the hold in the "muffin top". Good luck. If you find a great pair, please let me know.

  2. I don't have the same body as you, but my cousin does and she swears by modbe's jeans. She has these:
    and says they are very high quality and worth every penny. (She says she likes them better than the Sevens that she used to buy at Nordstrom.)

    I was ready to spend that kind of money on a good pair a couple months ago, but fell in love with Mossimo's jeans at target. They are a GREAT price. (something like $27 or $29) They are way cute, too. (I buy them in the women's department because they aren't as low rise, but they run about a size large, so buy a size down.) They are always sold out other people must like them too. I tried to find them online, but I don't see them, sorry!

  3. That link that I added didn't work. She has the Jane jeans...

  4. I LOVE big star jeans! They are so comfy and always have the CUTEST pockets! Those pants your hubby got you are WAY cute! Too bad they didn't fit right!

  5. Hey hun I hope I can help. I have for years hated shopping for jeans.... I am extremely tall and well way skinny so the combo is beyond difficult. I finally found a brand that serves like boy jeans that is according to length and waist...yeah!!! Vanity jeans!!! They carry a variety of different colors, shapes, and types.... They even tend to have then on sales or even a great $10.00 rack!!! I now love jeans and buy a couple new ones each year to add to my stack. I hope this helps:)

  6. I feel your pain! I too have been on the same mission...and unfortunately had no luck! I have tried so many different jeans I am sick and tired of it! And to tell you the truth the ones I always end up going back to are American Eagle. I personally prefer the semi-flared jeans, the boot cut doesn't work for me I'm just too short and I have to have hills hidden under my pants. I have tried the Big star jeans, I like them but the only problem I have with them is that they have so much stretch to them that by the end of the day wearing them they are falling off me. They fit excellent right out of the dryer. Good luck with this and let us know if you find the dream pair!! Also I have to tell would make the best sales person, I say this because when you talked on your blog about that mascara you love I decided to try it and now I can't live without it (well I can but you know what I mean) and also now you told us about Diet Pepsi Vanilla....and so being curious I tried it and now I am addicted!! I have never been a fan of diet sodas so I have never really drank much soda because I think it's a waist to drink your calories, but when I tried the Diet Pepsi W/ has forever changed my views on Diet soda!! YUMMY!!! Thanks for being a bad influence :) Just kidding!

  7. Ok girlie- If you ever go to utah they have this new store called skinz in the layton hills mall- you could probablly look online too- It sells designer denim and knock off designer denim. My absolute favorite jeans are rock n republic and true religion jeans. And if your wearing something a lot its nice to have a great pair- and the way they are made is so it makes your butt look good-and they have special jean people to help you find ones that work- the knock offs are around 40 bucks and the designer denim is about 150-300- but I think its one thing worth spending a little more on.


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