Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cupcakes make me happy.

It's just that simple.
I attempted to make some of my sister-in-law's (Landry's) cute cupcakes today for a baby shower that amazing Marta hosted.  Landry gave me her tips and tricks and I decided to be brave and go for it.  She assured me it was easy and gave me a really great motivational speech before I started.  I was excited.

I baked the cupcakes this morning so that they would be cool when I frosted them later on.  While pulling them out of the oven, Little Guy saw the scrumptious mini cakes and immediately started crying for one.  I'm not talking about a little whine either.  I'm talking about a full blown wail of a cry for a cupcake.  He has done this a few times in the past couple of days and I blame it fully on him not feeling well.  I refuse to believe we are headed into the Terrible Two's already.

The poor guy has a hoarse voice and a runny nose and the crying was only making things worse.  So, I did what any loving mother would do.  I gave him a cupcake for breakfast.  He loved it.  He had thrown up the night before and had refused to eat anything but yogurt ever since, so I was just happy he was getting something in his tummy.  After all, cake has eggs and grains and all that good stuff.. right?

Back to the cupcake baking.  While I was making the frosting for the cupcakes, Little Guy decided to crawl up on the counter top and dump the vanilla bottle into the frosting.  Yes, the lid was off.  Yes, vanilla went everywhere.  Yes, it tasted delicious.  Good work little man.

Then it came time for the sprinkles.  Little Guy somehow wrapped his pudgy little fingers around that sprinkle bottle and screwed the lid off.  He watched sprinkles fly up in the air and land all over the kitchen floor as he shook the bottle up and down.  I finally noticed what was happening and got the bottle away from him.  While I was searching for the lid I happened to glance at him licking the sprinkles off of the kitchen floor.  Lovely.

Once I had them sprinkled and all ready to go I happened to see Little Guy grab a couple of the cupcakes and poke his fingers into them.  He completely mauled one of them, which I think he did on purpose because he knew we would get to keep them here if he ruined them.  He is a smart one I tell ya.

At that point I decided to look at my kitchen.  It was a complete disaster.  Powdered sugar was sprayed all over my countertops and cabinets, dirty cupcake pans, bowls, spatulas, and mixing beaters were piled high, sprinkles covered my floor, gel food coloring was splattered all over the counter, and cupcake crumbs from Little Guys mauling episode were everywhere.

And yet, I was happy.  It was then that I realized that cupcakes make me happy.  They make me even happier now that I found this cute cupcake stand at Target for $10!  I think I am going to have to make many o' cupcakes this summer.

Note to self: make sure husband is home to watch Little Guy next time I make cupcakes.  Also, find out a way to make sure cupcakes aren't dry...


  1. Disaster there any other way to leave your kitchen after you cook/bake? Those cupcakes are truly lovely.

  2. Great job! They look yummy. Were you saying the cupcake itself was dry? I have a chocolate and vanilla one I use for all my cupcakes and they are very moist. I'll email them to you later.

  3. delicsh. seriously, these were the hit of the party. how cute are they!? you're giving Sprinkles a run for it's money. mmm. you are my new go-to cupcake girl. thanks for co-hosting the shower. i appreciate it!

  4. I agree whatever they want to eat as long as they eat something when they are sick. It's better than not eating! They look so good too:) I had a similiar experience yesterday but it was a mom moment. I was making some pumpkin pie's when I had two kids wanting and needing moms help with everything... I started the recipe realizing I was making chocolate cookies.... good thing I caught myself before it was too late. So needless to say we got two pumpking pies and chocolate cookie dough for me to make some cookies here soon:) The joy's of motherhood and the everyday things while cooking:)

  5. this reminds me that i want a cupcake presenter rack thing. where did you get yours?

  6. How'd you make your frosting look so perfect? They are darling!

  7. It looks like placed the star sprinkles on there by hand.... good job. I wish you could make me some!

  8. I got to your blog with a link from Simply Yours. I wanted to ask a question about using your templates. However, I couldn't find a "contact us" link or an email address?

  9. LOVE CUPCAKES in fact we have a new puppy and it was all I could do to not call her cupcake! 8)


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