Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ode to Mom


I realize this is a few days late, and the second post for today... but I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a shout out to my mom.  My mom has always been one of my best friends.  I was one of those girls in high school who just wanted to stay home on the weekends to hang out with my mom (and dad... but more on that in June).

Once I moved out of the house, my relationship with my mom only grew stronger.  I now talk to her several times a day, whether is it on google chat, Skype, or on the phone.  She is always there to answer my silly questions like "How long is too long for hamburger to be in the freezer?" or "What's the best way to get urine out of Little Guy's crib sheets?" or "Do I need a pot with holes in the bottom for my herbs?".  She is my own personal google, in human form.

Growing up, I remember my mom saying things like "I'm turning more and more into my mother each day".  Well guess what?  Now I am the one saying that.

I catch myself singing "Skid-a-ma-rink-a-dink" to Little Guy before he goes to bed each night, a song my mom sang to each one of us kids when we were little.

I catch myself restocking my chocolate stash, although it doesn't even compare to my mom's entire kitchen drawer full of Peanut M&M's and Dove chocolates.

I catch myself commenting on how beautiful the flowers are in the spring, something my mom always noticed before anyone else.

I catch myself saying things like "Shy-nola" when I hurt myself,  she won't like that one.

I catch myself laughing so hard that I threaten to pee my pants or snort, she won't like that one either.

I catch myself making treats for every Holiday to make it that much more "special".

I catch myself getting an occasional half-diet-pepsi-half-regular when we are out and about.

I catch myself making up songs that consist of "do-bop-pa-dee-do-pa-dee-pa-da-do" while doing mundane tasks throughout the day, something that always made me smile whenever my mom did it.

I catch myself wanting to stay home and curl up on the couch to watch a good movie rather than go to a theater to sit in those uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours.

I catch myself dumping in an entire bag of chocolate chips (and sometimes more) when the cookie recipe only calls for 1 cup.

I catch myself getting dressed up for church and adding the finishing touch with a cute pair of dangly earrings, something my mom always did.

I catch myself having to walk through the gardening section "just to see what they have".

I catch myself stuffing mints/gum into my church bag and sharing them with my husband.

I catch myself saying, "Oh, I don't mind.  Just whatever you want to do!".  My mom is the most selfless woman I know.

I catch myself reading "Guess How Much I Love You", "Goodnight Moon", and "Brown Bear" to Little Guy each night.  They were some of my favorites that my mom would read to us growing up.

Most importantly, I catch myself not being able to get in enough loves throughout the day from my Little Guy.  I take every chance I can get to cuddle with him and tell him I love him.

I love my mom and am forever grateful for the influence she has had and will have in my life.

(The picture above is of my mom and I at Chucky Cheese for my birthday ..which is actually on Sunday, eh hem.  I just love the shorts.  I was laughing because I saw some just like those the other day... maybe they are coming back in style?  The great thing is that my mom looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing, and that's the honest truth.)


  1. Forget the shorts! Check out that hair!!! I was always so happy to be at Chucky Cheese ;)

  2. Thank you Hilary. Just next time leave out all my bad habits please. :) Love you to the moon and back.

  3. Your mom hasn't changed a bit! She looks the same now as she did then. You inherited great genes!


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