Monday, May 4, 2009

Randomness at Target.

I love Target.  I try to come up with pathetically stupid reasons as to why I need to go.  Such as, "My apartment is too stuffy, I need to get some fresh air" or "Little Guy really could use some interaction with other people".  My week isn't complete without at LEAST one trip to shopping heaven.  The funny thing is, I don't always buy something when I go.  I just love the experience of shopping there.

The other day, I wasn't so lucky as to walk away empty handed.  I was completely bored out of my mind, and I knew Little Guy was as well because he kept tapping his chubby fingers on the table trying to figure out what to do next.  So, I buckled him into the car seat and drove the short 1 mile to Target.  Why we don't walk is beyond me... I keep telling myself it's because I don't want to cross the busy street (it being too dangerous and all).  But really I think I'm just lazy like the rest of our society.

I first came to the dollar section.  Does it really get any better then the dollar section at Target?  I submit that it does not.  I oogled and googled over the cute flower pots they had and got some for my windowsill.  I plan on planting some herbs this summer.  Wish me luck!

After the dollar section I mosied on over to the beautify-ing section.  I found some clear nail polish that claimed to be chip resistant (fyi it's not) and plopped it in my cart.  I then came across one of those cheese grater type things for your feet.  You know, the PedEgg things that are "as seen on T.V.".  Still don't know what I'm talking about?  Go here.  For those of you who are laughing at this purchase, go ahead and laugh.  I would probably laugh too but, I have heard that it really works... astonishing for an as seen on t.v. product.  I figure it's worth a try for this sandal season.  I have dry skin, and my heals always look pretty gross in the summer time.

You are very welcome for that little piece of information.

After the PedEgg was placed neatly in my cart I found myself wandering the children's book aisle.  This is just a bad thing all together.  Not only am I obsessed with children's books but Little Guy was just as much in heaven as I was.  I couldn't leave that aisle without getting him some fun new books.

Once we were done picking out a classic and a fun box set of books, we headed for the groceries.  I remembered I was out of my latest favorite cereal, Oatmeal Squares.  It's delicious and nutritious!  Then I looked at the items on sale and spotted some pretty packaged tuna.  I had just made tuna melts for dinner the night before and used the canned tuna.  I decided that canned tuna is awful after you have had the pretty packaged kind.  Besides, it was on sale.  So I got five of them.

I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was crazy when I came home and he saw what I had purchased.  Oh well.  It's a good thing that this doesn't happen EVERY time I go to Target.  But pretty close.


  1. HAHAHA! I do the same thing when I go there! I am so jealous that you live soo close! Oatmeal Squares is my cereal of choice right now too, mmmm, I think I will go have a box...ummm, I mean a bowl;)

  2. I ♥ Target too! The dollar bin is heaven when you just need something fun or even gift stuffers for little ones. I love the fact that your beyond adorable pots are recycled!!!! Now I want to go!

  3. I love Target as well...but couldn't visit it weekly because I ALWAYS buy something. It is bad. I am craving a visit, though. Maybe I will venture out today. I need a baby shower gift anyway...

    Good luck with your herb garden!! I am an herb snob. Nothing compares to fresh.

  4. yay for target. am glad you got such great deals! i just bought canned tuna at winco, not as lovely that's for sure. will have to go to the dollar aisle. it gets me every time.

  5. i always start with the basket when i'm alone and end up lugging it around with a huge box of something i didn't plan on getting. did you ever see that post? why do i think i will only grab an item or too? especially in the cold months. it is bruiser and mine's winter escape;-)

  6. Please show us before and after pictures of your feet with PedEgg; Id be curous to see how it works

  7. Target is my weekness too-- not only mine but my 5 and 4 year old little girls often ask to go if we haven't been in awhile. I have corrupted them at such a young age. Maybe target puts off something in their air to give people the feeling they get while shopping there, if so they are smart! :)

  8. I too fell for Ped Egg while browsing in Target. I hope you like it more than we do.

  9. I can totally relate to fact, I had already convinced myself to stop at Target this morning........after all, it's been at least a week since I was there. lol
    It would be ever so dangerous to have one within walking distance!!!..............


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