Thursday, May 14, 2009

Relaxation defined.

It has just been plain crazy around here ever since we got back from our trip.  I finally have time to sit down and write up a post.  Last week we were able to head south to visit my parents.  It was such a beautiful and relaxing trip!  They pretty much live in paradise (minus the ocean, but who needs that when you have a pool?).  

It was at least 90 degrees every day so we took advantage by staking out our spots next to the pool and not moving for the rest of the trip (except to eat and go to the bathroom of course...)  Little Guy loved it.  I think he is part fish, really.  He has this strange obsession with water and was in heaven being able to swim to his heart's content.

I laid out each day trying to justify my actions of putting myself at risk for skin cancer and at least using SPF 15... but secretly really wanting a tan.  I did get a little sun and ran to the store to buy this stuff in hopes that it will stay around a little longer until the next time I am able to lay out.  Man, could I be any more vain?  Is it really that bad to want a tan?  I remember I loved to mow the lawn when I was in high school because it was paid tanning time.  I digress.

The problem with going on such a nice relaxed vacation is that you really never can get enough of it.  We packed up and drove the eight hour drive home, moping all the way.  My husband and I both knew it was back to work.  Back to cold weather (and insane winds to boot!).  Back to no pool to entertain Little Guy all day long.  

Back to reality.


  1. For some reason your blog hasn't been coming up in my blog lines, so I have been missing out for a while! =( Don't you just LOVE St. George. I could move there today if Brennen let me!

  2. so so glad you're back! sounds like such a fun vacation and i'm definitely with you.. i wish it weren't so bad to tan too. i feel much cuter as a tan gal, silly, i know! that photo is classic and the one of you and your mom, priceless. how cute are you!?!

    welcome back, we'll have to get together soon.


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