Sunday, May 31, 2009

So it begins...

Friday evening was just like any normal evening around our house.  We ate dinner, bathed Little Guy, read some books, said prayer and laid him in his crib.  It wasn't until 10 minutes later when the abnormal happened.  

My husband and I were out in the living room , I was working and he was doing homework, when we heard Little Guy's door knob rattling.  We both looked at each other with shock and horror and ran to his door praying it was just his fan rattling the door.  

When we opened the door, we saw Little Guy standing right there in front of us.  I couldn't believe it.  He had climbed out of his crib!  I started to half hyper-ventilate half laugh my head off when I realized what had just happened.  I laughed to keep from crying.  What on earth were we going to do now?  Our 20-month-old just seems way too young to be moved into a bed already.  

I looked at my husband and realized the same thoughts were going through his head.  We decided to pretend like nothing had happened, put Little Guy back in his crib and walk out the door hoping he wouldn't remember how to do it anymore.  The next thing we know, he is rattling the door knob again.  CRAP!  At this point I'm thinking "Now what?!".

We had to think fast so we decided to try and put him in his play yard/port-a-crib for the night.  We didn't think he would get out of it because it didn't have a bar going across it like his crib does (which he was using to hoist himself over the top).  So, we set it up, put his pillow and blankie in there and hoped for the best.

At first there was silence.  We experienced a brief moment of hope.  Maybe this was the solution and he would just have to sleep in his port-a-crib until we were ready for him to sleep in a big boy bed. Then came the rattling at the door once more.  By now I am in shear panic mode.  If our child is able to get out of his crib how are we ever going to get him to go to sleep?  It was then that my sister-in-law told us about crib tents that you can place over the top of the crib to prevent your child from crawling out and injuring themselves.  

We were desperate, so my husband went searching for one at 9:00pm.  He went to six different stores and didn't find one.  Instead, he came home with a bunch of nylon zip ties, went to the garage and got his drill, drilled holes in a big wood board and tied it to the side of the crib that has the hinge.  

We put Caleb back in his crib and left his room expecting the worse.  After a few minutes of crying, he was fast asleep.  It was a miracle.  My husband is not just a problem solver but a genius.  

However, I do think all the board will do is buy us some time.  We will have to really start thinking about the big boy bed.  I sure hope I can handle it.


  1. oh my goodness. i can't believe it. what a cute li'l guy he is. climbing out of the crib is when you know your baby is growing up way too fast. sounds like you guys were resourceful! watch out, my cousin's baby (aka monkey) climbed on top of his crib tent! yikes!!! good luck!

  2. You've got a monkey on your hands!! Can't wait to get our monkeys together next weekend!

  3. What a crazy kid. I looked online - you can get them on a few sites, but they say they have them at walmart... if your not ready for the big boy bed.

  4. you've got to take a photo of the ingenious contraption! I am dying to see it! In the mean time, I hope bed time goes over well these next few nights!


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