Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teva Love

I'm in love... no... I'm obsessed with my black Teva Olowahu sandals.  I have had them for 3 years now (maybe 4?) and have worn them everyday for three summers straight (and even some winter days... in the snow...).  They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned.  

And that's the truth.  

So comfy in fact, that I would even justify wearing my much loved black sandals with brown shirts.  I was told one time while wearing such an atrocity, that it was a huge fashion faux pas.  This person obviously didn't know who they were talking to.  

i.e. The biggest fashion faux pas on the planet. 

While at the mall the other day I walked past a window that had my favorite sandals of all time in all sorts of different colors hanging there right before my eyes.  So, I waltzed right in and bought a brown pair with some of my remaining birthday money.  No more brown shirt, black shoes wearing for me.  I can't wait to love this pair just as much as my other.  

Thanks mom!


  1. funny you should post this. tyler bought me a pair in red the other day in st. george.. they are too big though, so i'm getting a smaller size. but they are super comfy!

  2. hahaha, i remember being horrified in high school to see brown shirts with black shoes. it's funny how things like that don't bother me anymore. now, about sean's black scrubs with white socks and black shoes........THAT i cannot get over.

  3. So excited that they have brown. I hope J agrees to letting me buy some. I wish I had a birthday excuse to spend a little money!

  4. I have the same black ones - I love mine almost as much as you!

  5. i've been in the market for great, comfy, hardy sandals that that I can wear with just about anything. Black AND brown is the perfect solution!

    thanks, hil!


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