Sunday, May 3, 2009


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I love thunderstorms.  I happen to be watching and listening to one right now.  Idaho has always had amazing thunderstorms.  I remember growing up, running outside onto our covered patio and just watching the rain pour down.  

I remember the excitement that would come when I saw lightning strike, and the fear that followed as the deep rolling thunder would rumble through my whole body.  It was the kind of thing that made the hairs on my arms stand straight up.  This could partly be due to the electricity in the air, but it was mostly because of the feelings that thunderstorms brought on.  

I  love the smell of rain... or the smell that comes after a rainstorm rather.  It is nostalgic and reminds me of simpler times when I was younger and loved jumping on the trampoline in the rain.  Back when I didn't care how wet I got, or if my just-straightened-hair went into a curly frizz on my head.  

I am reminded today of why I love living here.  Although I love my nice sunny days spent going on bike rides and sipping on lemonade, there is just something special about a day that ends with a big rolling thunderstorm.


  1. There is something wonderful about the calm life in Idaho. It seems like the kind of place where people sit on their porches and wave at neighbors on Sunday strolls. I can imagine that all of those beautiful, open fields smell fabulously during a rain storm. I can see why you would love living there. :)

  2. Oh, you totally made me homesick! I can smell that fresh after-rain in Idaho smell right now. I loved how in the summer, after a hot day, we would often have thunderstorms in the evening. I've lived in other rainy places (Northwest WA, and here in Korea), but even with all that rain, those places don't have very many thunderstorms.


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