Friday, June 12, 2009

country girl at heart

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I'm a country girl.  At heart.

Not in the literal form.  But I have always wanted to be a cowgirl.  Growing up, I loved visiting my cousin's farm in the summer where I could play cowgirl for a couple weeks out of the year.  

I also love country music, much to my brother's dismay.  I have loved it ever since I was a little girl.  I have loved it even when it wasn't cool to like country music.  

One of my absolute favorite things to do during the summer is go to the country music concert at the county fair.  Not only do I love dressing up in my "cowgirl" gear, but I love being able to pretend for one night that I am once again that cowgirl on my cousin's farm.  I can't wait for this year's concert!

There is just something about country music that makes me happy.  I go through phases where I don't listen to it as often, but other phases when that's all I can handle listening to on the radio.  (Yes, I said radio.  I don't own an ipod... didn't think people like me still existed did you?).  I am in the latter phase right now.  

Lately, I have discovered new bands that I am in love with.  If I were to make a country playlist, this is kind of what it would look like right now:

chicken fried by zac brown band*
country man by luke bryan*
wild at heart by gloriana*
a little more you by little big town
i run to you by lady antebellum*
guys like me by eric church
whatever it is by zac brown band*
looking for a good time by lady antebellum*
red neck yacht club by craig morgan
watching you by rodney atkins
then by brad paisley
kiss a girl by keith urban
you belong with me by taylor swift
all i ever wanted by chuck wicks
best days of your life by kelly pickler
love your love the most by eric church
boy like me by jessica harp
(any song) by george straight

* indicates newly discovered bands


  1. Love it!! I grew up in Tennessee. I am no cowgirl, by any means, but I love my country music and for some reason love it more in the summer time. I too am Ipod-less maybe we should start a club :)

  2. oooh, this is a fun list. i'll have to look them up. i have started liking country music myself and i am usually laughing my head off at the lyrics, some are so totally random. anyway, i listen to them on my tape deck/radio in my car. no cd player. i'm old school like you. but if you ever do get a ipod, get the clippy shuffle. you'll never go back. inexpensive, great for exercise and holds PLENTY of tunes.

    p.s. i HEART your new blog, have just subscribed. very cute design and fonts. so fun.

  3. I am a country music lover too. Jason and I each have 6 stations programed in our car. 4 of mine are country music stations. Jason thinks it is a little overboard.

    I haven't been listening to the radio for a while. We are lacking a vehicle to facilitate the hobby, so I don't know many of the new artists. I am going to check out your list!

  4. I love country music too! And I listen to it a lot more in the summer time, I wonder why that is! Anyway, I am one of the last too, I don't own an ipod. and I don't even really listen to the radio, so I am not up on anything current in music. i just put in one of my good ol CD's!!! My favorite is Rascal Flatts, I own all of their CD's! Yes I still buy those things, ha!! Actually I think I am going to pull up my pandora account right now and listen to some tunes! (now if I could just remember my account info, yikes)!


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