Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love my dad

Happy Father's Day dad!

Thank you for being the best dad a girl could ever ask for. You are not just my dad, but one of my best friends.

Thank you for always pretending that your children's gifts were the greatest gifts you had ever received

...for the hours and hours spent driving the boat while we wakeboarded behind
...for your hard work to provide for our family
...for all of the little inside jokes we have (day-wha...?)
...for being a master griller (salmon jerky or not.. I always loved it)
...for having family scripture study and prayer faithfully all growing up
...for teaching me how to work
...for hours spent editing english papers and helping with math assignments
...for loving ice cream and cookie dough almost as much as I do
...for making sure we all made it out of the house on time for family vacations
...for blaming the red lights on the fact that we left 2 minutes later than we should have
...for teaching us how to properly load a dishwasher
...for always telling me how beautiful the lawn looked after I had mowed it
...for always telling me how beautiful I looked, especially on days when I didn't feel like I did
...for showing me how to serve others
...for putting up with my cry spells (and for living with 3 other girls that did the same, just not as often...)
...for quoting movies, Brian Regan and Bill Cosby with me
...for eating a midnight snack (usually a bowl of cereal) and letting me join you
...for always having a sense of humor
...for helping me read a decal on the back of a car that said "confusion" which I thought was "con-foo-see-on" thinking it was some sort of kung fu.
...for making me laugh when I wanted to cry
...for always loving mom and showing me what an eternal marriage is all about
...for playing with Little Guy and being a wonderful grandpa

Most of all, thank you for being you and living your life in a way that has been a wonderful example for me. I love you dad. Enjoy your chocolate cake without me today!

*For a touching Father's Day story, go here.


  1. i love this list and that picture is absolutely stunning. what a darling bride you made. no surprise about that of course.

  2. You dad really is a hilarious guy! That is a beautiful picture.


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