Wednesday, July 8, 2009


From the beaches of Hawaii. Will be back, but in the mean time I will be eating shrimp from a truck, swimming with the fishies, soaking up the sun, walking on the beach, and enjoying several of these a day:

That one is for you Hannah! A banana - coconut - melona from Matsumoto's. (I think that's what you told me to get? It was amazing, and I will be getting it again tomorrow.)


  1. Sounds good! I usually get the melona-mango-coconut. Close though! I change it up a lot, but ALWAYS include melona.

    Don't forget to go to Angels in Laie! It is even better. (Get it with the halo.) It is right by Foodland.

    And am so jealous, but glad you are having fun!!

  2. dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. am sitting in envy right now. live it up!!!

  3. get lilikoi - you won't regret it. (Get it with ice cream for sure)
    Aloha and enjoy!

  4. I was starting to miss my Hil morning cup of Joe but now that I know your living it up... having a fabu time dear. Have another one just for me I wish I was there myself...kiddos can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. You need to try tangerine it's amazing!


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