Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ice Cream - FAIL

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We have a friendly neighborhood ice cream truck that drives by our apartment every other day or so. Unfortunately, it always comes by during Little Guy's nap time. I figure I should probably have him with me to use as an excuse. That way I am not the only 20-something year old standing in line (giddy as can be) behind a bunch of children 6 and under.

Anyway, I had all of the windows open due to the fact that our apartment is blazing hot during the summer months. I'm talking 85 degrees in here folks. If that isn't blazing, I don't know what is. So, with the windows open I could hear the happy little tinkling jingle of the ice cream truck coming down the road. I started praying that Little Guy would hurry and wake up so that we could catch it before it left. He didn't. He loves his naps. Can't blame the kid.

As it drove by my apartment, I started humming the song that was blaring from the speakers up top. I didn't even think about it, just knew the tune and joined in. It wasn't until half way through that I realized what song it was. Right then I started laughing and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Someone needs to tell the ice cream truck driver that it is JULY. They should not be playing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer". FAIL.

*Um, could someone please tell me why I didn't think about serving ice cream cones at my summer wedding? I am loving that idea.


  1. Your not the only one... The other night I had the kids and my big kid all excited waiting 10 minutes for ours to finally get to the house..... There is just something magical about the ice cream man...... Don't feel too bad your aren't the only 20 something girl or boy for that matter waiting in line....oh and yes kids make the best excuse too!

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  3. HA!
    Um, and at first I thought you were saying that it was 85 degrees outside and that was blazing. But then I smartened up.


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