Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what i learned today

Today I learned a lot. Allow me to share:

- When your child sleeps in, you end up sleeping in and therefore your schedule is completely thrown off. You then realize that having your schedule thrown out the window isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's fun to live on the edge.

- Getting out and meeting friends at the zoo can be well worth the effort it takes to find your toddlers shoes that he had decided to hide, get him (and yourself) dressed in clothes that match (and are clean), and spend the $5 you stashed for snow cones so that you could get in.

- Always be sure to check the oven before you preheat. You never know if your toddler has decided to hide your one of a kind amazing hot pads that you can't find in any store anywhere. If your toddler does do this and you by chance forget to check before preheating the oven, your apartment will fill up with smoke in less than sixty seconds.

- Sometimes a frozen DiGiorno pizza is needed to help you skip out on a day of cooking.

- Designing wedding invitations is very intimidating.

- The snow cone people start to recognize you and realize that you have been there every day this week and mention it in front of everyone in line behind you, which probably should cause you to feel self conscience but it doesn't and it makes you wonder if you need some kind of snow cone therapy.

- There is nothing in this world better than your toddler walking up to you, giving you a hug and a kiss for no reason at all.

- When you get tan/burned in Hawaii your skin will eventually have to peel. When it does, it happens all at the same time, leaving you feeling like a molting lizard.

- Great-grandma's love seeing (and spoiling) their great-grandchildren just as much as grandma's do. They also try to sneak toddlers chocolate at every chance they get.

Learning new things is one way to find joy, and since that is my goal this year I thought that I would write down the things I learned today. How boring would it be if we never learned anything new? If we already knew everything? We learn through many different ways, one of which happens to be through experiences and I would hate to not have had any of the experiences I had today (minus the molting...) due to already knowing everything.


  1. I wish I could have gone to the Zoo with you and Caleb! That would have been so fun! Oh and the sno cone thing...try doing it every day for an entire summer! It was a goal we had but we decided by riding our bikes there we atleast got some exercise in. Finally don't be intimidated by the wedding invitations! The ones you already sent are absolutely beautiful! You have great talent hil and I am seeing a new addition to your blog designing turing out very nicely! I love you!

  2. I wish I could learn what it is like to sleep in. ;) Sounds like an eventful day!!

  3. What an educational day you had! :)


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