Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Miss Organizer

I have never been an organizer. I don't know how that happened seeing how I come from two excellent organizers. Maybe it's because they were always organized for me so I never had to be? Who knows.

The last time I had a planner was the first time I ever had a planner. It was during my first semester of college where I had high hopes to write down when assignments were due, tests were to be taken, and hot dates were to be gone on. It lasted for about 3 weeks tops. It's pretty sad and pathetic really.

I often forget birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, meetings, etc. and I am tired of being the girl that is always apologizing!

So, I have made a resolution (without it even being New Years!) to be more organized. I decided that the first step would be to buy a cute little planner that I could carry with me everywhere I went. Off to Target I went, and bought this cute little number (see above). Now I just have to fill it up with things to remember. Wish me luck, yay for organization.


  1. Yay for you!! I use a franklin as well and love it. You know I am planner obsessed, so I am way excited for you!

  2. I just read your blog and you've inspired me to pull out the stupid expensive planner I bought years ago, toss out the 2002 year planner and head to Office Max and buy it some new guts. I've been overdue for a planner. Thanks :)



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