Friday, August 21, 2009

unexpected joy

Wednesday night, the hubs and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Being in an area where there are ZERO teenagers (or even preteens) we couldn't find a babysitter and decided to bring Little Guy along with us.

Our biggest mistake was the restaurant that we chose. It was a pretty pricey place and we soon found out they didn't have a kids menu. They weren't prepared for children and had to scrounge up some crayons and a coloring page for Little Guy. We could tell all the employees thought we were idiots for bringing a child to their restaurant but they cooperated and provided LG with some garlic mashed potatoes, which he ended up devouring before my husband and I had a chance to eat our salads. This meant that the remainder of the night was spent taking turns eating and chasing Little Guy around outside the restaurant. How romantic.

After boxing up our dinner (which was cut short due to an impatient toddler), we walked across the street over to the water falls. Little Guy was ecstatic. He kept yelling "Wha wha! Wha wha!" and then would giggle until he saw some ducks and would say "quack! quack!". As I watched him look at the water with his daddy, I couldn't help but find joy in that moment. The fact that our anniversary dinner had been a complete disaster didn't matter. It was worth going through what we went through, to enjoy the quiet moments by the water.

It also made me even more grateful for such a patient and loving husband. He could have been upset with how the night turned out, but instead he decided to make the most of it and teach his little boy about the river. We were able to recover from an awful dinner experience, but more importantly we were able to find some unexpected joy in the evening!


  1. That is such a beautiful story! I have a 2 year old and I know exactly what it is like to take him out to dinner. It is a good reminder to enjoy the good moments rather than focus on the "terrible 2's" bad moments. Thanks for sharing! BTW, did you take that pic? It looks like it should be on a hallmark card! :) Nice...

  2. So why the heck didn't you call me?? I happen to think I am pretty qualified!! You better call me the next time you want a sitter, we would love to watch your handsome little guy for you!

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