Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Candy

It's that time of year again, when grocery store aisles are packed with all sorts of chewy, chocolatey, sugary sweets. I couldn't be more excited. I must explain the intensity of my sweet tooth before going any further on this subject. I did some intense family history research and discovered that I have relatives with sweet tooth's on both sides of the family. I really have no chance, since we all know it is hereditary...

On that note, I love roaming the aisles and "buying candy in preparation for Halloween". At least, that's what I tell my husband. In all reality, we haven't had even one trick or treater in the two years we have lived here.

Every year I turn into my mom and create a candy drawer where Halloween candy is stashed. I usually have to refill it several times before Halloween actually comes, but we'll pretend I didn't just tell you that. Oh, and I won't mention that I have already eaten an entire bag of Laffy-Taffy.

Today while moseying down the Halloween candy aisles I tried to suppress the giddy feeling that was developing in my stomach. I saw some fun new candies, new combinations, and new packaging. I was excited. But the best thing I saw? A combination of chocolate and vanilla tootsie rolls. I didn't get them, but I am going back for them. I have searched the internet for that very special combo so I had proof but can't find them anywhere... they must be pretty exclusive. All I know is it has got to be one of the best combinations since peanut butter and jelly (aside from peanut butter and chocolate of course).

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some Halloween candy shopping to do. A month and a half early.


  1. I too have an insatiable sweet tooth. Seriously...I can't stop myself from eating all of our Halloween candy and I even know that there WILL be trick-or-treaters coming!

  2. thanks to you, i have my own little stash of halloween candy. thanks for the yummy surprise!

    hope you had a wonderful weekend in utah!

  3. i bought my bag at costco last friday. sean said i didn't get a good one, but that's b/c he doesn't like the ones with chocolate only. i do:-) it's a REALLY good one, no matter what he says!


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