Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Friends

Meet my best friends for the weekend. That's right folks, we're sick round here parts. Praying it isn't H1N1 or the flu... but all symptoms point towards at least one of them. And to think, we were just 4 days away from getting the shot! Oh well, hopefully we'll be back and at em again real soon. Until then, I'm going to go hang with my besties.

**On a sidenote, how cute are those kleenex boxes anyway?


  1. praying it isn't h1n1. ick! so sorry!

  2. soooooo right there with you. well, i was at least. i'm finally almost over it. those kleenex boxes are definitely something to smile about. i had to hold myself back from buying the halloween themed ones at target yesterday, reminding myself that our budget had already bought a value pack of kleenex at costco and i didn't need any more. sigh.


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