Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a...

BOY! We are so excited to have another little guy join our family. I can't wait to dress my little boys alike, have bunk beds, and be best buds.

The fact that the baby is a little boy isn't the only thing we found out today. We also found out that baby boy has a heart condition. They couldn't tell us much about it, other than the fact that his heart is larger than it is supposed to be. We meet with a specialist next Tuesday or Wednesday where they will do another ultrasound and hopefully have more answers for us.

We also found out that I am only about 16 weeks, instead of 18 like we thought. This means that the enlarged heart could just be because the little guys body hasn't quite caught up with it's heart.

We are hopeful that things will straighten out on their own, but know that if they don't that our Heavenly Father is watching over our little family and will help us through it all!

In the mean time, we will celebrate the fact that we are bringing another little boy into our family.

Loving these cute little sibling shirts.


  1. yay! you make darling little guys!

    i'm praying for your cute little one and your family.

  2. Two boys is really a lot of fun. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with Luke I stopped thinking twice about spending money (to a point) and bought higher quality toys and clothes since they will be used at least twice. It has been well worth it. I love pulling clothes out of the bins for Luke and remembering when Ty was a little guy. Yay for brothers. I am sorry to hear about your baby's possible heart problem. We will keep you in our prayers.

  3. How exciting for Caleb to have a little Brother to run around with! It will be so much fun to see what he looks like!!! I agree with the above comment about the clothes! It really does save a fortune when you can just pull out the bins and have a wardrobe ready to go! You and this new little guy are in our thoughts and prayers!! We love you guys to pieces!

  4. bugger!!! not about it being a boy, about you being 2 less weeks. they pushed mine back a week when i went for my first apt. so annoying;-)


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