Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you're welcome!

I am about to give you the best Halloween costume ever thought of for a male. You can thank me later. I thought of this costume about two or three years ago and have tried convincing the hubs to dress up, but with no success. I think my little guy will have to be my next victim, we will just have to wait until his head gets big enough to fit into the wig.

The ultimate male Halloween costume is:


Why do I consider this the best Halloween costume ever? Let me list the reasons:
1. Because it's hilarious and no one else will think of it.
2. Because Bob Ross is awesome and paints happy trees.
3. Because it's super easy. Find a fro wig, goatie, seventies shirt and pants, and a paint palette.
4. Because Bob Ross is awesome and paints happy bushes.
5. Because almost everyone knows who Bob Ross is and will love to be reminded of the good ol' days when he was always on PBS.
6. Because Bob Ross is awesome and paints happy clouds, streams, mountains, waterfalls, etc. etc.

So, I think you see my point. Go forth and use my idea since I have not been successful for the past few years.


  1. i'm going wig shopping tonight

  2. I'm right there with ya Shep!

  3. hahaha! This is great tell Jer he's a poor sport I think he should do it if he was in a Halloween costume contest he would win for sure...! What a fab Idea!

  4. holey moley... i wonder if I could convince josh to do this for tonight... where to find a fro wig though??

  5. Adele, I'm pretty sure we just found ours at kmart, or walmart or one of those marts. If you were to go to a costume shop, you'd be able to find one easy peasy.

  6. That is awesome! Never would have thought about that. Good luck getting Jerry to dress up like him. He could pull it off though.

  7. BRILLIANT!! I sure miss that guy....


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