Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today was rough. I started out this morning feeling down and it didn't help that I had absolutely nothing planned for the day to distract me from how I was feeling. Today was the first day I was without family and without anything to do. And it hit me hard. I started to lose it at one point and had to go take a shower so that my Little Guy didn't have to see me sob uncontrollably. It is interesting to me how emotional pain can hurt so much physically. Starting out the day that way is never any good, and I only continued to cry off and on throughout the day.

One thing I have found that helps me get through days like today is thinking about how many blessings there are in my life. In honor of Thanksgiving being just around the corner, I thought I would join in with the rest of you and list the things I am grateful for.

:: My Husband. The one who is always there to comfort me in his arms. The one who can always make me laugh. The one who provides for and loves our little family. The one who I fell in love with and gave my whole heart to. The one that I can't wait to grow old with.

:: My Adorable Son. I never knew I had it in me to love a little person the way I love this little guy. He is my best buddy. He loves me for being me. He laughs at my silliness. He makes every day worth getting out of bed for... even if it is earlier than I would like.

:: My Baby Boy. He is an active little guy. I love that he takes so much after his big brother. I love every kick or jab or bout of hiccups and count each one as a blessing.

:: My Parents & Siblings. Loved ones who I have always admired and looked up to. They teach by example, show love by both word and deed and have always been there for me for as long as I can remember.

:: My In-Laws. They raised a wonderful son and welcomed me in to their family, putting up with my quirks.

:: My Friends. The ones that live close that I have been so fortunate to get to know over this past year, and the ones that live far that I have known for most of my life. Life would be empty without such wonderful friends.

:: My Home. It may be just a tiny apartment to some, but to me it is home. It keeps us safe from the elements and holds so many wonderful memories.

:: My Trials. This may sound to some of you like a funny thing to be thankful for. But I truly believe that it is through our trials in this life that we learn and grow. I also know that God blesses us through our trials and makes us stronger.

:: My Doctors. They are so incredibly knowledgeable and I am so grateful for the time they took to study and progress in their fields. I am grateful that they caught what was wrong with our little guy, so that we can now at least attempt to plan and prepare for what will come in the future.

:: My Father in Heaven. He has become very real over this past week. I have always had a strong relationship with Him, but never have I felt so close to Him as I do now. I have seen his hand in so many things and can't help but acknowledge and be grateful for all that he does for me.

Last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for all of you. For your kind comments, emails and phone calls. For your small (and large) acts of kindness. My eyes have been opened, my heart has been touched and I have been comforted thanks to you. Many of you I do not even know, some of you I haven't heard from in years and yet you have provided so much comfort through your comments and messages. This blog has been such a wonderful thing and allowed me to get to know so many of you wonderful people. Thank you again.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you hold your loved ones a little tighter, eat lots of yummy turkey and recognize the many blessings we all have in this life.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I wish I could take those tears and pain away for you. May God give you confort today and a smile.

  2. love you, hilary. i'm go glad you have so many supportive people in your life to help you through this hard trial.

  3. I just want to say what a strong and wonderful mom you must be. Your words have made me realize just how special every single moment is with my own daughter. You are amazing and I pray that you will be blessed eternally for your beautiful heart. You truly understand what it means to be Thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    The Jordans

  4. I'm grateful for family too. The family that I know really well, and the family that I intend to get to know much better over the years. I'm grateful that this blog has let me get to know you on a more personal level, because even though we're family we don't see each other much at all. I'm grateful that we'll have lots of chances in the future though...

  5. I am thankful for you - for your example of strength and optimism. Thanks for sharing what you are going through. It's therapy for all of us - not only you.


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